Grief Healing Tips: Sacred Intention

healing begins with a sacred intention

Grief Healing Tips: Sacred Intention is the first of my tip series.

This step asks you to first set a sacred intention for your healing journey.

I hate the way I feel.
I want the pain to stop.
I wish I could get over this.

You’re probably walking around with this mantra playing inside your head.

It is natural to want to get to a better-feeling place. But it’s important to be intentional about it.

Too often we confuse goals and intentions. A goal is about the destination. An intention is about the journey.See the difference? It’s huge.

It’s like getting in your car to drive to Madison, WI. Goal says: I want to get there as soon as I can. Intention says: I want to enjoy the drive.

Your intention represents a sacred commitment to your healing. It’s like you’re telling the Universe or God or Jesus or Divine Being: I’m ready to heal. Please show me the way.

Well, why wouldn’t I, you ask. I just want to be done with this pain. But even as those words slip from our lips, some of us hold on to our pain. Sometimes, unconsciously.

It keeps us connected to our loved one who died. Or the one who ended a relationship.

It keeps us connected to our victim story. Who would I be without my story? That’s a scary thought.

That is why when you say out loud and clearly that you’re in (even if you’re terrified to say it), the Universe can begin to bring you people and resources to support your healing.

Take Action Now

1. Take out a journal and open to a fresh page.
2. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.
3. Now write down your sacred intention in your own words.

Here are some examples to get you started:

I’m ready to heal.
I allow my heart to open to healing.
Allow me to receive the healing that supports my highest growth.
Grief Healing Tips: Sacred Intention begins your healing journey.

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