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The 7-Chakra Pathway from Loss to Life Purpose
1:1 Coaching Program
(7 months)

I love working 1:1 with clients who are a good fit.

I currently offer only a 7-month private coaching program.

If you like learning on your own, I also have 3 affordably priced Home Study courses. Click here to find out more about each of those courses.

I guide spiritually-minded women who are grieving a loss. Whether you’re dealing with the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, an illness that limits your life, an empty nest, or the loss of a dream, you’re searching for the deeper meaning that lies beneath the loss. I help you find this deeper thing you’re searching for, so you can live a life of purpose, meaning, and joy.

You can make peace with your pain and move forward carrying the love without the pain. This work is about honoring your loss, remembering the love without the pain, and using what you know now to find a deeper meaning in your life.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed, sad, lost, and alone?
  • Are you struggling to find the energy and motivation to get through another day?
  • Have you given up hope of feeling happy again?
  • Do you wonder: am I going to be a normal person ever again?
  • Do you also feel that there's something deeper for you to know, do, and live?
  • Is your loss shifting something within you and inspiring you to live differently?


You don't have to stay stuck in your pain. You can have a life again--even if it's not the life you imagined.


  • Waking up in the morning feeling strong enough to get through the day
  • Feeling more in control instead of anxious and overwhelmed
  • Healing from your loss so that you can be present for you, your family, and friends
  • Remembering shared memories with gratitude instead of hating your life
  • Being able to find the meaning behind the pain so that you can transform your life and the lives of those you're meant to serve
  • Finding your purpose so that you can use your pain to create healing in the world
  • Making a commitment to live the life your loved one didn't get to live

These are the exact results clients have found from The 7-Chakra Pathway from Loss to Life Purpose.

In The 7-Chakra Pathway program, you will:

  • Spend one month working through the issues of each of the 7 chakras so that you can be the real you without all the baggage
  • Feel safe and secure in a world that has always felt different after your loss
  • Open to the emotions you've never really understood so that you can go through life knowing how to manage them
  • Speak your truth and give up your people-pleasing tendencies
  • Get in touch with your passions and open to living your purpose
  • Communicate and express your purpose so that you create love and light in the world with your unique gifts
  • Access your imagination, insight, and intuition as the guides to create your vision
  • Create simple spiritual practices that help you know that you’re never alone, but always supported on this journey
  • Heal from traumas that have kept your family lineage stuck in pain so that you create peace for past, present, and future generations
  • Release the guilt you've been carrying forever so that you can heal and be happy again
  • Honor your grief in a way that lets you carry the love without the pain
  • Deepen your intuition so that you can trust your inner wisdom instead of looking to the entire world for answers
  • Create a new life for the new YOU that you're becoming
  • Find your joy by finding your purpose so that you can share what you've gained from your pain

My 68-year-old mother's death eight months after my family and I relocated from Southern India to Chicago was the gut-wrenching event that started my own journey.

Working with a spiritual mentor to heal my broken heart was the first step in a series of mentorships, trainings and coaching programs that led me to find my purpose.

Since then I've published two books, served as a bereavement volunteer in hospice, interviewed numerous inspirational figures like Scarlett Lewis, Benjamin Allen, Suzanne Falter, PMH Atwater and Gerry Gavin, who have used loss to reinvent their lives.

I've had the privilege of being invited to participate in telesummits and podcasts on Grief & Loss and have served clients all over the world.

When I began my first session, my heart was heavy, and when we drew our time together to a close, my heart felt light. You helped me get in touch with a part of myself I have ignored for way too long, the part of me that is simply human with all of the physical and emotional needs that I have been denying myself. The result is a new perspective on how my pain can be acknowledged without destroying me...even welcomed and loved for how it is serving me.

What I liked best about working with you was the gentleness you exude. You have a gift for imparting wisdom lovingly. Bless you for all the light you are bringing to the darkness in this world.

~ Debra M. White


Your 7-Chakra Pathway from Loss to Life Purpose coaching package includes:

Your Pain to Purpose Questionnaire

An assessment of your current grief situation,what you’d most like to heal, and where you want to be at the end of our time working together will be the starting point of our journey. When complete, we’ll have a plan on how you can heal what most needs to be healed and what you can do to find meaning from your loss.


Your I'm Ready to Heal and Transform Call

In our first call together we’ll identify exactly what you want to achieve and exactly what you need to get there. Together we’ll look at your struggles, family patterns, and emotional triggers to help you get clear on the first steps on how you can take back your own life. Plus we will identify the plan to help you get there.


Your 7-Chakra Pathway 15-Session Coaching Support

With twice-monthly coaching calls that provide a safe space for speaking about what’s most troubling you, we’ll restore your faith in yourself and your life so that you begin to look forward to the future instead of fearing it.

Every session will be about addressing a chakra and the issues that are blocked there. Grief affects body, mind, and spirit so we will address all three aspects so that you think well, feel well, and create well.

As a result of your private sessions, you will:

  • Understand why you feel unsafe in the world and how to heal those beliefs them so that you feel calmer and in control
  • Create simple spiritual practices that help you know that you're never alone, but always supported on this journey
  • Heal from traumas that have kept your family lineage stuck in pain so that you create peace for past, present, and future generations
  • Release the guilt you've been carrying forever so that you can feel lighter and happy again
  • Honor your grief in such a way that you carry the love without the pain
  • Find acceptance that your loss is opening you to your purpose
  • Create a new life for the new YOU that you're becoming
  • Find your joy by finding your purpose so that you can help others heal by sharing your unique gifts

You deserve to heal your physical, mental, and emotional self.

You deserve to transform your pain into purpose.

If you're looking for Advil for grief relief, I'm not the right guide for you. I believe that loss opens up a space in our heart so that we can hear our soul speak. It is the journey of the soul that my healing philosophy addresses. How will you grow through your loss? What do you know now that you didn't before? What matters to you, now that you know nothing is permanent? How can you take the worst thing that happened to you and turn it into a legacy of loving service to the world? These are the questions my clients and I seek answers to.

My view of healing is rooted in a deep connection with the Divine. Whether you choose to call that energy God, Buddha, Mother Earth, Nature or Divine Consciousness,is less important than the fact that you believe this energy guides your life.

To get started, let’s talk about what you most want, and see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Here are your next steps:

Step 1: Click the “Schedule Your No-Obligation Consult” button below to book a call with me today.

Step 2: If you have questions, send me an email . It would be my great honor to support you and help you better understand how you can find your purpose through your pain.

I was very sick with Collagenous Colitis and had found no relief through the medical profession. I’d had this condition for seven months and was beginning to think that I would have it for the rest of my life. I was getting quite depressed. I was also carrying a lot of guilt about things that had happened I my life decades ago.

Uma has the gift of unconditional listening. She listened to my problems with no judgment, only support and help. She helped me alleviate my symptoms by bringing closure to past issues involving my ancestors.

I’m now happy and wake up in the morning and look forward to beginning a new day. I’m positive and write in my journal every day. My stomach feels much, much better. I feel better in mind, body, and spirit. I am grateful to Uma for her support and guidance. Her expertise and calm manner helped me turn my life around. I feel blessed that I was led to work with Uma.

~ Dorothy Harris

New Zealand

Before I started working with Uma I was confused about where all the sadness I was feeling was coming from. My 19-year-old son had recently moved out, and I knew I was proud of the decision he had made but was overwhelmingly sad about it. She helped me realize that I was feeling the effects of deeper, older traumas and that my son moving out had triggered older trauma.

 When I started working with Uma, I was sad most days and struggled to go about my daily responsibilities without crying about them and during them. I was bringing negativity and sadness into all aspects of my life.

I felt very loved, supported and heard during our sessions together. I was allowed to voice my feelings. After starting work with Uma many different avenues of healing became apparent in my life. By opening myself up to healing and asking for help, I was given answers in many ways.

I no longer awaken in a panic about what I did “wrong” yesterday or what I need to do to “fix” it today. I don’t have the overwhelming feeling of “where is this coming from.” Today I am more compassionate towards others. When I wake up in the morning these days it is with a prayer in my heart.

~ Orissa Shay Bergeron


When I came to you, I was in a very negative mindset. I was very emotional and stressed. I was feeling guilty of all the things I didn’t get to say or do for my brother.  I was feeling very sad and scared of losing my father since he had just been diagnosed with Stage 1 cancer. I was basically a hot mess.

Every session I had with you was so helpful in letting me see things from a different perspective. You always heard me out and answered any question I had. I never felt rushed to end our sessions. I really loved that.

Today I feel happy and blessed. I am no longer waking up sad and anxious. I am seeing things in a more positive perspective. I am more compassionate. I am more grateful about the things I have.  I am trying to live more in the present.  I am slowly starting to accept I have no control over certain things and to trust in God that his timing for everything is perfect…even if it’s painful.

~ Judy Andon

New York

When I started working with Uma, I was in a pretty uncomfortable place. Things I thought that I had laid to rest were creeping back into my life (like anxiety & dwelling on negative past experiences), and I knew something had to change.

My usual methods provided some relief, but I wanted a deeper transformation – a more significant shift. Uma’s process unfolded harmoniously to lead me out of my suffering and into a place of peace.

I now feel forgiveness and compassion for people towards whom I once had quite a bit of anger, and a sense of empowerment around my ability to create what I want for myself, regardless of challenges and setbacks that I’ve experienced. I am open to the possibilities of the day and feel that I have the capacity to take things as they come.

~ Brigid Dineen


I had the great opportunity to experience Uma's beautiful method of helping others. I was struggling with the loss of a close family member.

Uma was very compassionate. I got off our calls feeling lighter and confident that I'll get through this hard time with the advice and tools she gave me.

~Tiane Tuliao

Los Angeles, California