What is Your True Identity?

Triggered: Our Secrets Don't Keep Us SafeWhat is your true identity?

In my previous blog, I shared that The Self is the focus of 2023. When you add up the individual numbers of 2023 you get 7 (2+0+2+3). Numerology says the energy of 7 is what we will feel this year. 7 is all about Soul Searching. When we engage in soul-searching, the two most important questions we ask are Who am I and What is my purpose here?

My single intention is to deepen the inquiry of who I am and what I’m here to do with every passing season. Nothing is more important than the work of peeling back the onion layers of myself. This is what keeps me connected to my purpose.

Why is the work of The Self so important?

Everything we know and experience in this life is through the filter of The Self. For example, when you went to college, you picked courses based on your interest. When you pick a movie to watch, you pick one in the genre you love, whether it is drama, sci-fi, action, or horror movies. When you eat out, it’s your choice of cuisine that guides you to the restaurant.

Similarly, you find jobs that align with your strengths, inclinations, and skills. As you work your way through roles and promotions and climb certain mountains, maybe you get to a place where you begin to ask the two Big Life Questions: Who am I and What is my purpose?

You desire more meaning in your life.

Unfortunately, this is where most people get stuck. The responses I often hear are I don’t know what I’m here to do. I don’t know how to find my purpose. I don’t feel I have anything special to offer. When I think of my purpose, all my fears come up.

The most common misconception is that purpose lives outside of us and we have to find it.

YOU are your purpose. That’s it. End of story.

But, when YOU are your purpose, you have to know who you are and what you care about. In other words, what matters to you? What do you care deeply about? What is the difference you’re being called to make?

Knowing who you are helps you know your values. What matters most to you. What you love and don’t love. What you have energy for and don’t. What your unique gifts and strengths are. What makes you angry. What truths you’re here to speak into existence.

What is your true identity? You are a soul in human form.

This is the first step of moving into alignment with your purpose.

But there’s ONE significant reason why you’re unclear about who you are. It has to do with your mother.

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