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Uma Girish is a Spiritual Mentor and Award-Winning Hay House Author. Her books include Understanding Death: 10 Ways to Inner Peace for the Grieving, a transformational memoir titled Losing Amma, Finding Home: A Memoir About Love, Loss and Life’s Detours, and Lessons From Grace: What A Baby Taught Me About Living and Loving.Uma is also co-founder of the International Grief Council and is regularly invited to speak on podcasts and summits.

Uma guides women who have a fierce desire to find their purpose so that they can find direction in their life. She helps them work through the losses they haven't grieved so that they have the energy to create the life they want. All her work honors the human and the divine in everyone.

Events & Speaking

Due to the Covid pandemic, Uma's live events and speaking engagements are on hold, but stay tuned for future events as soon as it is possible.

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Possible Speaking Topics:

Transforming Loss into Love and Light

Loss comes in many forms—a divorce, an empty nest, an aging parent descending into dementia, a threatening diagnosis, or the death of a loved one. Grief is our immediate and natural response to loss. But loss is also a sacred doorway. Those who move through the healing journey with compassion and understanding move away from “Why?” and toward “What Now?”

What can we do with the energy of pain? What are the gifts of grief? How can we transform our pain into purpose? This talk opens the door to these possibilities.

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The Unfinished Business of Grief

When a loved one dies, all the unfinished business we have with them intensify the experience of grief. The email or letter we didn’t write. The phone call we didn’t make. The forgiveness we couldn’t offer. The emotional and/or physical distance we maintained.

How do we process the guilt and sadness of unfinished business? How do we make completions and release the weight of this emotional baggage? This talk offers a way to find peace and unburden yourself.

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Is Your Doubter Upstaging Your Dreamer?

All of us have a Dreamer and a Doubter that live inside us. The Dreamer is the part of us that imagines, daydreams and creates. The Doubter is the part of us that asks the annoying and self-defeating questions: Aren’t you too old to be trying this? Who do you think you are to succeed now? You really think you have the skills to pull this off??!!

Our Doubter isn’t the enemy. Its agenda is to protect us. The best way to meaningfully engage our Doubter is to dialogue with it. What does the Doubter really need? How can the Dreamer and the Doubter work as a tag team to create the life we desire?

Other Topics:

  • The Freedom of Forgiveness
  • The Top 10 Myths Around Grief and Grieving
  • What the Dying Teach Us About Living
  • Writing to Heal Your Life
  • Moving toward Your Life Purpose
  • What Will Your Legacy Be?
  • Embracing Change With Ease


To discuss scheduling Uma as a speaker for your event or group, you may contact her here.

Thank YOU for the most captivating, informative, helpful and warm presentation on "The Grief of Dislocation."

Each and every person mentioned how it struck a chord.

~ Marileez Suter

International Women Associates