Why is everyone so impatient with grief?

Why is everyone so impatient with grief?  Do you feel as if your close friends are watching you to feel into how you’re doing? Do you feel like your family members are hurrying you to “get over” your grief? Do you feel like you’re disappointing them all because your grief seems never-ending? ~~~~ I get…

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Grief Is A Journey That Grows You

Our real journey begins when we surrender the destination.

Grief is a journey that grows you. We learn about the five stages of grief. We read about how the second year might feel when compared to the first. We want to get to 2022 because we believe we will be feeling much better then. What if you could let go of the need for…

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We Are Not Guaranteed Tomorrow

We are not guaranteed tomorrow. When news of the basketball legend Kobe Bryant’s tragic death flashed on my phone, it felt surreal. No, I’m not a basketball fan. I’ve rarely watched a full game. And yet, his death hit home hard. My husband and daughter are huge fans of the game. But that’s not the entire reason…

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Are You Living Life In Your Head?

Are you living life in your head? Grief has a way of parking us up in our head. When we lose someone we dearly love, or something we cherish like a job, a home, or a country we love, fear is the first response. Confused by the loss of certainty, the brain, feels scrambled. The…

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My Failed Attempts to Improve My Life

flipping through the pages of a book

My failed attempts to improve my life have taught me an important lesson: all my attempts to fix myself are at the level of my ego. I need to let that go. I believe with every cell in my being that I am an old soul. A part of me has known this even when…

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5 Ways to Support A Loved One Who is Dying

holding hands to indicate support

In 5 ways to support a loved one who is dying, I offer you ways to honor their passage of time so that you’re left with no regrets. I’m often asked the question: “How do I prepare for the death of someone I love?” This is such a great question because we all find ourselves…

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How Does Attachment Affect Grief?

How does attachment affect grief? Should we remain unattached to avoid the pain of loss? I once received a great question from a workshop participant. She was struggling through the loss of a beloved friend. Here’s the question she asked me.  “Should I avoid attachment so that I avoid the pain of loss?” The Buddhist…

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A Lesson from A Silent Walk

blue skies with white puffy clouds, green mountains and a curved rocky path

A lesson from a silent walk expanded my soul and perspective about how we walk through life. I’m back from my two-week travels to Geneva and Paris. Invited to teach two sessions at the Inspired Writing Retreat, my heart is welling with deep gratitude for the gifts of this experience. To open the retreat, we…

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Surviving the Polar Vortex

Surviving the polar vortex that hit Chicago was no joke. I’m a gal from southern India where a cool day is 72 degrees F. Now, I live in suburban Chicago which went through a polar vortex last week. The temperatures dipped to as low as -27 degrees. Wind chills were between -50 and -60 F.…

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We are all One

We are all one. This sounds like a complex truth. What does it even mean? Allow me to explain. Ten years ago on the 27th of January my mother took her last breath. I was so broken by her loss that I couldn’t see beyond my next breath. Leave alone, fast forward to 2019 and…

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