The 9 Energy Centers in Human Design

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The 9 centers in Human Design

There are 9 energy centers in Human design. Together, they make up the body graph. Just as an astrological chart is called a natal chart, a Human Design chart is called a body graph.

However, before you dive into this post it might be useful to read my posts on Type, Strategy, and Authority. Those are the foundational basics of Human Design and will help you stay on track with where I’m guiding you in this post.

In 1781 when the planet Uranus was discovered, humanity began to shift from a 7-centered being to a more evolved 9-centered being.

The Hindu chakra system is based on the 7 chakras or energy centers. Although the world still operates on principles that served the 7-centered human, those principles are no longer appropriate for our changing world.

In the world of the 7-centered human, fear-based survival intelligence dominated the world. 9-centered humans are not here to live in fear-of-survival mode.

All our centers went through an upgrade. We are an evolution of the older model of humans that came before. However, we’re still in transition until 2027 but the kids that are born after will likely be wired very differently.

This is one of the many reasons why many of us struggle with the question: What is wrong with me? We feel we don’t quite “fit in”, we know we learn differently, and often can’t understand how the world works and the rules we’re forced to live by.

It’s not uncommon for people to get emotional when I read their Human Design chart because it validates and affirms who they they are. They feel seen and heard.

We live in a world where collective consciousness is evolving. We’re waking up.

This is why the mind is no longer honored as the decision-maker. Remember how the mind was (and still is, in many cases) revered as the go-to for decisions?

So, let’s get to it. What are these 9 centers in the Human Design body graph?

The 9 Energy Centers in Human Design

If you look at a Human Design chart, you’ll see 9 geometric shapes. Each of them is an energy center and has a specific function.

1. Head or Crown center: the seat of inspiration

2. Ajna or mind center: the seat of ideas and concepts

3. Throat center: the seat of communication

4. Identity or G center: the seat of love, identity, purpose, and direction

5. Sacral center: where life force energy lives

6. Spleen center: the seat of intuition and instincts

7. Heart or Ego center: the seat of willpower, motivation, and worthiness.

8. Solar Plexus or Emotional center: the seat of feelings and emotions

9. Root center: where we feel stress and pressure

All of us have a combination of defined and undefined centers. 

When you look at your chart you’ll see that a defined center is colored in. This center is an area of strength for you. It could be that your inspiration center is defined in which case you’re a fount of inspired ideas. Or your ego center is defined which means you have a tremendous amount of willpower and motivation to get things done.

An undefined center is white and indicates places in your chart where you’re vulnerable to taking in others’ energy. If you have an undefined solar plexus, you’re an empath who absorbs the emotions of others. If you have an undefined spleen, you’re likely taking in others’ fears. In future posts I’ll share more about each center’s wisdom and shadows.

To understand which of your centers are defined and undefined go here. Once you put in your birth information, you’ll see your Human Design body graph with a combination of defined and undefined centers.

If you’d like to know more about how your defined and undefined centers together make you YOU, I invite you to a reading with me.

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