I'm a Spiritual Mentor for women who are struggling with big life changes. I help them go from what's-the-point-of-it-all to living their purpose with passion, peace, and joy. 

Meet Uma

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I'm a Spiritual Mentor for women who are struggling with big life changes. I help them go from what's-the-point-of-it-all to living their purpose with passion, peace, and joy. 


As a woman, you know loss intimately. Your partner sometimes feels like a stranger living in your house. Your kids are kids no more--and let you know they don't need you. Your body is changing, sometimes in confusing ways. You've lost friends and family members. The losses keep adding up.

Sometimes it can feel like the entire world has moved on...but you're in a foreign land with no map and not sure where to go.


You deserve more out of life.

You can:

  • Heal from those multiple losses
  • Find the deeper meaning in your life
  • Live a life of purpose and make a difference

By tuning into what your soul came here to do and connecting with that inner wisdom, you can have a brand new life you're proud of.

It will become easier to:

  • move beyond anxiety
  • experience the divine energy that runs your life
  • feel peace and true happiness
  • be your authentic self

You will learn spiritual practices and meditations to help you  find your center. You will embrace the value of surrender and giving it to the divine. You will flow with the river instead of trying to push against it.

Hi, I’m Uma Girish

With an International Diploma in Teaching & Training from Cambridge University in the U.K., a certification in Dream Coaching, and mentoring with some of the top experts in the spirituality space, I'm able to help my clients move through different kinds of loss to live a life of joy, meaning, and purpose.

An authority on the subject of grief, my first book Understanding Death: 10 Ways to Inner Peace for the Grieving addresses the top 10 questions I had (the same questions most grievers have) about grief, loss, the soul's journey, death, dying, and reincarnation.

My second book, a transformational memoir titled Losing Amma, Finding Home: A Memoir About Love, Loss, and Life's Detours tells the story of how my mother's death completely shifted the course of my life.

I hosted a radio show called The Grammar of Grief and interviewed experts on topics related to grief, loss, resilience, and rebounding with purpose. I deepened my connection with the Divine.

My third book Lessons From Grace: What A Baby Taught Me About Living and Loving captures life lessons inspired by a spitting, drooling baby. Baby Grace reminds us that we all started life as pure essence trusting in the perfection of divine guidance. But we lost our way and forgot our origins. This book helps you find your way back...to you.

All of this led me to my “second chapter” and brought me to where I am and what I do today.

Healing doesn't follow a 5-step formula

If you’re looking for Advil for grief relief, I’m not the right guide for you. I believe that loss opens up a space in our heart so that we can hear our soul speak. It is the journey of the soul that my healing philosophy addresses.

How will you grow through your loss? What do you know now that you didn’t before? What matters to you now that you know nothing is permanent?  How can you take the worst thing that happened to you and turn it into a legacy of loving service to the world?

These are the questions my clients and I seek answers to.

My view of healing is rooted in a deep connection with the Divine. Whether you choose to call that energy God, Buddha, Mother Earth, Nature, or Universal Consciousness is less important.

What is important is your belief that this energy guides your life.

In the spring of 2008 my husband, 15-year-old daughter and I relocated to the U.S. from India. Barely ten days after we moved into an apartment in suburban Chicago, my Amma (mother) in India was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Sadly, she died only eight months after her diagnosis. She was 68.

Questions kept me awake at night.

  • Who am I?
  • Why are we all here?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • How are we meant to live this life we've been given?

Those questions led me back to life and the work I was meant to do

My curiosity to know more about death, and therefore life, started me on a deep spiritual path. Why are we so afraid of the D-word? Why is grief so hard? Is there more to life than struggling to pay the bills?

As part of my exploration, I trained and served as a hospice volunteer, sitting by the bedsides of the dying, and holding space for their friends and families. I began to work with the elderly.

All of this led me to my “second chapter” and brought me to where I am and what I do today.

When I look back to that defining moment—my Amma’s death—that led me to this moment, I have nothing but gratitude for every step of my journey. The good news? With me holding your hand, you can get there too.

If you're at a point in your life wondering what's the point of it all, let's talk. Please visit my Work With Me page or email me at uma@umagirish.com.

In our session Uma helped me identify that I was struggling with a big guilt issue. She also helped me get clear about how important self-care is to emotional wellness. When we started the session I was feeling confused, overwhelmed, and unfocused. When we finished the session I had more clarity around what was keeping me stuck and how I could move through it.

~ Liz W.

Chicago, Illinois

After my session with Uma, I released most of the stress related to my father's death. I have more energy and am more open to life.

I love the simplicity and effectiveness of your approach. Thank you for your compassion, your willingness to listen and your own example.

You inspire me.

~ Cristina Campofreddo

Novara, Italy

I had the great opportunity to experience Uma's beautiful method of helping others. I was struggling with the loss of a close family member.

Uma was very compassionate. I got off our call feeling lighter and confident that I'll get through this hard time with the advice and tools she gave me.

~ Tiane Tuliao

Los Angeles, California