You’re in pain. Real, deep pain. This grief thing just did you in. And you want nothing more than to feel better. But one thing isn’t clear: how to get there.

No matter where you are and where you want to go, I am willing to be your guide on the grief journey.

Whether you’re unfocussed and can’t seem to get it together; want to find ways to deal with the guilt and regret that keep you awake at night; or are just fed up of living this life and want more meaning and joy, I can help.

Longing for things to be different–I wish I could be happy, I wish I didn’t feel this brain fog, I wish I could just
get to sleep at night
—is one thing. Experiencing that peace and lightness is quite another. Together, let’s make it happen.


Hi, I’m Uma Girish

I’m a heart-centered Grief Guide who believes that loss can be the biggest portal to your best self. You can heal and begin to create a life that is full of, not just deep peace and joy, but also purpose.

You’re ready to dive in and do the work that’s ahead of you because you have a vision for your life-beyond-loss.

I am passionate about supporting women like you to move from pain to peace—and beyond, to purpose and joy.

What does this mean for you?

I know how to hold your hand and walk with you to help you find your way back…to a life of learning to live with what happened. It doesn’t mean you’ll get over it. It definitely means you’ll learn to carry it lightly, with grace and ease.

My Journey

I was born and raised in India. In the spring of 2008, my husband, 15-year-old daughter and I relocated to the U.S. Barely ten days after we moved into an apartment in suburban Chicago, my Amma (mother) in India was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Sadly, she died only eight months after her diagnosis. She was 68.

I was heartbroken, lost, and alone. Finding my way in a new country and culture, still learning to drive, and friendless, I found myself in a dark, frightening, and empty place.

Questions kept me awake late at night. Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of this life I am meant to live? But those questions were the breadcrumb trail I followed to find my way back to me. My soul was guiding me home.

Slowly, I crawled out of the dark and inched my way to the light.

My Purpose Saved My Life

My curiosity to know more about death, and therefore life, started me on a deep spiritual path. Why are we so afraid of the D-word? Why is grief so hard? Is there more to life than struggling to pay the bills?

As part of the exploration, I trained and served as a hospice volunteer, sitting by the bedsides of the dying, and holding space for their friends and families. I began to work with the elderly. I read voraciously, and wrote two books. I studied and worked with teachers and masters and became a student of Life. I got my certification. I interviewed experts on my radio show. I deepened my partnership with the Divine.

All of this led me to my “second chapter” and brought me to where I am and what I do today.

Where I Am Today

Taking everything I learned on my journey to healing, I now help my clients who are lost in grief find a way back home to their peace. No matter where you are—grieving a fresh loss, carrying old wounds, or overwhelmed by grief and struggling, I can help.

When I look back to that defining moment—my Amma’s death—that led me to this moment, I have nothing but gratitude for every step of my journey. The good news? With me holding your hand, you can get there too.


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