6 Reasons Why I’m Quitting Social Media

In 6 Reasons Why I'm Quitting Social Media, I give you all the dope on why I grew disenchanted with social platforms.

This was not some knee-jerk reaction. I enjoyed these platforms as long as I felt a resonance there. But about six weeks ago, I began to feel a lot of bitterness around it. It became apparent to me how much energy and time I was putting in to create, serve, and teach people, many of them complete strangers. And I didn't feel a sense of engagement with my community.

Engagement is the main reason why I got on these platforms. Bitterness is a red flag from the universe for Projectors in Human Design. It is a sign that we're out of alignment, off track, and need to course-correct.

As is my normal practice, I offered these feelings to the Divine with a simple prayer: Tell me what to do. Show me the way. Do I stay or leave? 

Within two days a book showed up in my life and changed everything. The Divine was getting my attention. Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport was an eye-opener for me

It brought to light how social media platforms are creating a culture of exhaustion by keeping us mindlessly scrolling under the false promise of connection, followers, likes, and hearts.

Granted, a lot of the content I shared was to guide, empower, and inspire. And it did that. But at what cost?

I realized with startling clarity that if I valued my time, my energy, my desire to live an intentional life, and most importantly, my privacy, I had to leave these platforms.

Here are the top 6 reasons why I decided to quit social media:

  • Social platforms are run on the principles of capitalism and white supremacy. It's profits over people. They don't care about you connecting with friends and family and living a beautiful life. They care about their billion-dollar bottomline. Hustle culture keeps us addicted to more, more, more...more friends, messages, photos, likes, hearts, followers...
  • To make an impact, I had to become a content-producing machine. I am a human. My body is a divine portal that needs rest. I will no longer subject my divine portal to grind culture that requires me to keep creating, posting, and sharing. Churning out more content that keeps me on the platform for longer periods is no longer an option for me.
  • It does not align with my values and ethics. My top values are freedom, spaciousness, self-nurturance, and simplicity. I teach my people about their inherent worthiness and value. Social media platforms create the disease of comparisonitis. I no longer want to be in spaces that make people feel bad about who they are.
  • I choose to walk my talk. I teach about divine trust and surrender. I don't feel aligned with that message when I'm tied to the belief that I need social media for inspiration, income, or impact. Truth is I don't. The Divine is my Source. Not Instagram or Facebook.
  • I only want to guide those who seek my guidance. Guiding complete strangers on social media feels voyeuristic. Not knowing if my teachings are landing, how my followers are engaging with my content, or what questions they have, feels very disempowering to me.
  • I care about my privacy. Social platforms are watching us all the time. They know what I like, where I shop, who I'm talking to and what I'm saying. When I requested my data from Instagram I was shocked to see the extent of their surveillance. They had entire, lengthy transcripts of my conversations with my community members. They even had my camera and digital wallet information. We're being watched. All. The. Time.

If you're on social media as a follower or content creator, be aware of what you're giving away and what it's costing you. Your time. Your privacy. Your energy. It's your choice how you wish to engage, but please be intentional about it.

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