Is Guilt Bullying You?

several fingers pointing at the word guilty written in red within two red circles

Remember that big bully on the school playground who called you names? Who made you feel small and stupid? Like you could never do anything without making a horrible mistake? Guilt is a bully. It does to you the exact same thing that the playground bully did. It makes you feel small and stupid. It…

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How I Say Yes to What I Want

Do you struggle to say yesto what you want? Do you feel like you want to invest in something, but maybe the time’s not right? Are you overthinking whether it is worth making the investment or not? Is there a battle going on between your heart and your head — and you just can’t decide?…

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Overconsuming…And How It’s Costing You

How is overconsuming information online costing you? When we’re trying to heal from loss, we’re looking for answers. Answers to everything from why we’re feeling the way we are to, how to minimize stress, how to sleep better, meditations, yoga nidra, yada, yada, yada. There’s an abundance of information out there. YouTube videos, blog posts…

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Emotional Triggers And How To Deal With Them

a woman leaning her hand against a tree and looking away with a disappointed look on her face.

A couple of weeks ago I was emotionally triggered by a friend who brought home an important lesson. After weeks of consulting our calendars and going back and forth, she and I were finally on the phone. Two minutes into our conversation, she said, “Oh, my son just arrived. I’ll have to call you back.”…

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A Second-Time Hay House Author!

the cover image of my new Hay House book which has a smiling baby's face

Holding your book in your hands for the first time is just as special as holding your baby. It is a labor of love. It is a moment of pure joy and celebration. When I held this baby in my hands for the first time, I felt deep gratitude and deep love. This is what…

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The 7-Chakra Pathway from Loss to Life Purpose

What if I told you there’s a map that can guide you on the journey from Loss to Life Purpose? It’s right inside your body. Your 7 Chakras are the pathway to heal and transform your life from one of anxiety, fear, and powerlessness to feeling peace, speaking your truth and living a life of…

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Are You Ready to Transform Your Pain into Purpose?

Another year is drawing to a close. When you look back at Jan-Dec. 2018, what do you see? Which parts do you like and wish to carry forward? Which parts do you want to leave behind? Now look to 2019. How do you want to live this year? What do you want for your health,…

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4 Powerful Questions to Ask When You’re Holding A Grudge

It’s that time of year. A time that some families love, and other families dread. Thanksgiving tables can be hotbeds of simmering, stewing tensions. Siblings, parents, aunts, cousins, and sometimes even distant relatives can trigger stuff in us that we don’t like and don’t want to feel. Relationships are brutal classrooms. The people we’re in…

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Are You Someone Who Can’t Say NO?

meditation 101 for newbies

Did you know that the inability to say a simple one-syllable word “NO” is one of the biggest causes of guilt?!! Saying too many yeses makes us giddy. And not in a  good way. We take on too much. We take on everyone else’s needs. We take on more than we can realistically accomplish and…

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What I Learned From Our First Grief Healing Retreat

I just returned after facilitating a Grief Healing Retreat “Finding Hope After Loss” in Oxfordshire, U.K., with Daniela Norris and Lo Anne Mayer. The three of us co-founded the International Grief Council in 2015, and this was our first-ever retreat. For three gorgeous sunshine-filled days (which is something of a miracle in the U.K.) we…

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