I empower women who want to live a purposeful life but often feel confused about their life direction.


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My masterclasses create more self-awareness in areas of your life where you feel challenged. These self-awareness sessions help you move from confusion to clarity.


Surrender and boundaries sound like wonderful spiritual ideas. What are some practical ways to apply them in your daily life to create lasting change? My intention is to empower you to experience more ease and flow with my teachings.

How the heck do I surrender?

In this 60-minute masterclass you'll learn three tools to practice the spiritual concept of surrender so that you can experience more peace and flow in your life.

The Boundary Dilemma

In this 75-minute masterclass you’ll work through why you struggle to set boundaries, what kinds of boundaries you need to set, and sample scripts to guide you.  

How to Fail Better

In this 90-minute masterclass, you’ll hear thoughts and teachings about failure, work through an exercise, do a somatic practice, and do a healing meditation which will help you bring compassion and grace to yourself.

I can't thank you enough for the course. From the first module, I felt a lovely sense of focus come back into my life. Being reminded to live intentionally was just what I needed. You have helped me regain a sense of my life that I wasn't even aware that I'd lost. 

You have reassured me that we are always provided for and our beautiful lives are continually being revealed. Even through the greatest heartache. Thank you so much.

~ Fay Hart