Being Fully Me A Podcast with Uma Girish

Stories from my life.

Mistakes and failures, gains and losses, laced with the life lessons and wisdom I’ve gleaned from living it all.

My podcast is a collection of personal shares about what I’ve struggled through and learned from.

My soul has been shaped by these experiences.

I am who I am because of the life I have lived.

The Art Of Slowing Down

A busy life is not a rich life. When we equate our worthiness with how much we produce, we never get off the hamster wheel. This episode addresses the importance of slowing down as a sacred practice that anchors us in presence. Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto Recipes…
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Truths Human Design Confirmed About Me

Living life as a Human Design Projector has been a very satisfying experiment so far. Knowing the ebbs and flows of my energy; my strengths and shadows; my purpose and life of service; and how I am meant to make decisions has made all the difference. I experience more peace and flow in my life…
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What Your Purpose Asks Of You

In this episode I share about how “finding” your purpose and “living” your purpose are two different things. How people-pleasing gets in the way of your purpose Why it’s important to speak the truth even when you’re not sure how to articulate your dream Living with the uncertainty of how your purpose will unfold The…
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When Your Dream Dies

A dream I held very dear died because the identity that had created the dream died. In this episode I unpack the story of why the dream died and what I understood about that process. When dreams are no longer aligned with our current identity The new dream that emerged for me Why we hold…
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Why I Quit Social Media

This episode is all about the story of what led me to question my presence and eventually quit ALL social platforms. how the universe had my back the two books that opened my eyes the resources that showed up magically my top 5 reasons for quitting social media Join my email community at by Cal…
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Living the Projector Life

In this episode, I speak about my life as a Human Design Projector. This will serve you if you’re a projector and also if you have a partner, child, parent, boss, or friend who is a projector. How Human Design Found Me: Pull up your HD chart here: Book a Human Design Session:…
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