grief memoirPublished by Hay House, Losing Amma, Finding Home: A Memoir About Love, Loss and Life’s Detours is a heartrending narrative of losing a parent, living through the pain, and transforming it to discover one’s true calling and purpose.

When Uma arrives in a Chicago suburb in the spring of 2008 to start life with her husband, 15-year-old daughter and her dreams, she has no clue of the cosmic wheels in motion. Ten days later, her 68-year-old mother who lives in India is diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. Sadly, Uma’s beloved Amma passes away just eight months after her initial diagnosis. Losing her mother plunges Uma into the deepest despair, but more importantly, awakens a sudden clarity and knowing that ‘there has to be more to life than this.’

As she begins to navigate a new country and culture, she is also called on to navigate the lonely terrain of grief. It is when she seeks urgent answers to the big life questions—Who am I? Why am I here? What am I meant to do with this life?—that she begins to find her way back to meaning and joy.

Interweaving two cultures, this transformational memoir brings home the truth that pain can lead to peace, and even a life of great purpose.


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understanding death

Understanding Death: 10 Ways to Inner Peace for the Grieving addresses the top 10 questions every griever struggles to make sense of. What is death? What happens when we die? Why is grief so hard? And many more.

The author’s personal stories are interspersed with spiritual concepts that jolted her awake to look deeply into death, and life. With affirmations, meditations and activities to deepen your experience, this book will change the way you look at death and dying.


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