3 Common Myths About Soul Purpose

It took me years of living on purpose to understand the 3 common myths about soul purpose.

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For a long time I foolishly clung to the fantasy that one day I'd be visited by an angel or hear a booming voice from the sky. And that's how I'd know what I was here to do and how to do it. There would be unshakeable certainty and life would flow with complete ease.

Sorry to bust your fantasies, if yours are similar to mine. But that's not quite how it happens. No visiting angels, although many have that experience. No booming voices declare your purpose from the sky.

It took me a while to wake up to this reality and accept it. So let me bust the three common myths that are out there with regard to finding one's soul purpose.

I promise you it will save you plenty of time and energy that you can then devote to...your purpose.


This is perhaps the most common myth, one that has been doing the rounds for a long time. Here's why it's ludicrous. It's like a rose bush walking around and asking the lilies and the oleanders and orchids in the world: "How do I grow a rose?"

A rose bush came here with everything it needs to grow roses. It is encoded in its very being. Similarly, you and I came here with everything we need to BE and LIVE our purpose.


Nobody out there knows what your purpose is -- except YOU. Only you have your own map and it looks like no one else's map. It is uniquely designed for you.

That is why you came here with the parents you did. The schools you went to, the religion you were born into, the painful life experiences you encountered are all part of your map. They happened to help you find your way to your purpose.

Coaches and guides can only facilitate the conditions and hold the space for you to find your way back to yourself. The journey must be undertaken by you.


Leaning into, and living your purpose, asks a lot of you. It's why so many prefer to hide in the confusion of Î don't know my purpose OR I'm still waiting for clarity OR When I have x or y, I'll be ready to follow my purpose.

Your purpose will demand certain things. Owning your stuff. Letting go. Speaking your truth. Embodying courage. Making uncomfortable choices. Disappointing people.

When you're ready to live on purpose, you must be ready to shed layers that your ego-self has held on to. It's not a magic carpet ride. It's becoming who you are. Your true self who is here to shine your light and show the way.

Facing some hard truths and having some hard conversations is part of it. Letting go of what others think of you is part of it. Being okay with your bigness and being visible is part of it.

This is exactly why  I'm passionate about teaching and guiding you on what needs to happen for you to live a deeply purposeful life.

I'd love to guide you through a 60-minute Single Session.


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