Feeling Shitty About Yourself?

  I’ve been sitting in session with many wonderful humans. The only problem? They don’t believe they’re wonderful. On the contrary, their head is filled with a mean, critical voice that consistently delivers messages about how awful they are and how they’ll never get life right. Does this sound like you?   We’re usually really mean…

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3 Good Reasons to Heal Generational Trauma

Often we don’t know why we repeat the crazy things we do. We also do a ton of healing work and feel frustrated that we can’t beat those patterns. You know, the patterns that repeat and repeat and repeat. We wonder what we’re doing wrong, why we can’t release them and be at peace.  —– * You get…

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Oh, Those Same Damn Triggers Again??!

Do you feel like this when the same trigger keeps tripping you up over and over again? You thought you’d worked on it, overcome it, vanquished it. But here it is again, rearing its ugly head. —— Yeah, me too. So I’m gonna tell you how I deal with triggers. Hopefully it’ll help you as…

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The Most Powerful Healer is Within You

  If you’re in my community, I think we share a love of learning. Podcasts and virtual summits are my favorite go-to sources for new learning. I was invited to be a Featured Speaker on the Four Corners Wellness Summit alongside 15 other experts who will address the four corners of wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit,…

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6 Truths About Healing Gently

Working on ourselves endlessly has become the modern-day obsession. There always seems to be a new level to aspire to, a new modality to learn, or a new vibration to get to. Healing can be simple, when you make the decision to let go of the struggle. Here are 6 truths about the gentle art of…

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Grief Is A Journey That Grows You

Our real journey begins when we surrender the destination.

We learn about the five stages of grief. We read about how the second year might feel when compared to the first. We want to get to 2022 because we believe we will be feeling much better then. What if you could let go of the need for a clear path…and let grief be a…

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Slowing Down Grief

grief, slowing down grief, easy grief

Grief has a rhythm all its own. In our haste to speed our recovery, we rush around frenetically trying to find the instant-formula, or 3-quick-steps to grief relief. We make our expectations clear to a coach or counselor: I don’t have too much time. I need to get over this grief thing asap. Do you specialize in…

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Silence Heals the Soul

Silence heals the soul

When my mother died in 2009, I wanted to hide. Solitude became my friend. Shattered by loss, I wanted nothing more than to burrow into a cocoon and lick my wounds. When friends tried to get me to go out or find other ways to distract myself from the pain, I protested and resisted. I…

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What You Must Know About Boundaries And Barriers

Every time my mother had to make a decision, especially one that involved the gods, she had to call her mother. Is Friday a more auspicious day than Wednesday? Should I go to this temple or that? How many times should I chant to clear the bad karma? This meant that a lot of my…

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Do You Feel Your Feelings?

feeling your feelings

I remember a moment during my intense grief over my mother’s death. I was sitting on the oatmeal-colored carpet in our living space, tears streaming down my face. My husband looked at me, sighed, and asked the question: “Haven’t you cried enough?” I didn’t know back then what I know today. I didn’t have the…

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