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Was This her Sign from the Afterlife?

When someone we love dies, there is an emptiness. It’s like they just disappeared. In that moment, they become a name, the clothes they wore, their possessions, and memories in the minds of those they loved and left behind. What is really hard for us is their physical absence. We’re tortured by the truth that…

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8 Steps to An Easy Meditation Practice

meditation practice

In my last post, I tried to clear the cobwebs about common meditation myths. In this post, I’ll take you through a series of easy steps on how to get a meditation practice going without feeling like you’ll never get it right. Start with an intention. Whether it’s meditation or running a 5k it always…

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6 Meditation Facts Every Beginner Must Know

meditation 101 for newbies

I love closing my eyes and turning inward in daily meditation. It’s one of the gifts in my daily life. But my meditation practice didn’t exactly start out this way. My mind didn’t know how to stop. When I sat down and shut my eyes, my body suddenly became keenly aware of every itch and twitch.…

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Dying To Wake Up: Messages from the Other Side

afterlife, nde memoir

A world-renowned cardiologist and chief of anesthesiology at Bakersfield Heart Hospital for more than a decade, Dr. Rajiv Parti, M.D. was an addict. Not only was he addicted to the prescription pills he swallowed to numb the pain of depression and other physical ailments, he craved the next hit he got from playing the stock…

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