Signs from the Afterlife

When someone we love dies, there is an emptiness. Signs from the afterlife, however, present themselves if we stay open and keep the faith.

It’s like they just disappeared.

In that moment, they become a name, the clothes they wore, their possessions, and memories in the minds of those they loved and left behind.

What is really hard for us is their physical absence. We’re tortured by the truth that we won’t ever hear their laughter, throw our arms around them, or have a conversation with them.

Some of us are open to the idea that we can still connect with them energetically. We know that they dropped their bodies, but continue their soul’s journey. They’ve moved to another realm, a realm we can access by learning to dial into a different radio station.

One of my clients had a powerful experience of this connection. Marion had been grieving hard. Her sister who was her best friend had died unexpectedly. What made her loss terribly hard to bear was that her sister was here one moment and gone the next. There was no warning, no time to prepare. Her sister had been healthy, whole and live one moment — and dead in a freak accident the next.

Marion was coming up on the one-year anniversary and was dreading the day. What she didn’t know was that her sister was going to reach out to her from the other side with a comforting message.

When Marion logged into Facebook that morning, she was completely taken aback to see an image quote with these words:


You’re Beautiful,

You’re Loved,

You’re Needed

You’re Alive for a Reason,

You’re Stronger than you Think,

You’re Going to get Through this,

I’m Glad You’re Alive

Don’t Give Up.

The words were set against a beautiful purple background, her sister’s favorite color. Understandably, Marion was flooded with feelings of sadness, gratitude, comfort, connection, and love.

If this wasn’t a sign, what is Marion wrote to me.

You may not be a believer, and that’s fine. But what if you opened you heart to the possibility that love never dies?

Why wouldn’t you let that truth comfort you?

Thing is, if you do allow yourself to believe and ask for a sin of confirmation, your loved one can send you one. Ask, then surrender. Don’t obsess over when,where and how your message is going to show up.

The Afterlife sends messages in a variety of different ways: pennies, feathers, license plates, billboards, song lyrics, birds, and animals.

If you believe, you will receive.

They want you to know they’re okay.

They want you to know their suffering is over.

They want you to know that they still love you and want to stay connected to you.

Question is, will you let them in?


  1. Penrose on March 6, 2019 at 7:58 pm

    My beloved daughter died a young adult from
    Brain cancer. She had brain stem glioma so was herself mentally until the last. We were very close. I sense her all the time. It’s been six years. I didn’t believe in an afterlife before Gina died.
    4 months ago my husband died after a long and brutal disease—Parkinson’s. I am only now starting to sense his presence and love. I have lost many people in my life and do not sense all of them. But I promise you, love never dies and we are blessed to know this in unexpected and beautiful ways.

    • Uma Girish on March 6, 2019 at 10:06 pm

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I’m so sorry for your loss. But it makes me so grateful that Gina is connecting with you, and now your husband too. I do believe that the afterlife has its own way of getting folks to believe that love never dies…in amazing ways. I wish you peace.

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