Was This her Sign from the Afterlife?

When someone we love dies, there is an emptiness. It’s like they just disappeared. In that moment, they become a name, the clothes they wore, their possessions, and memories in the minds of those they loved and left behind. What is really hard for us is their physical absence. We’re tortured by the truth that…

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“Do you believe there’s an Afterlife?”

the afterlife

This morning I went to an interview. I was interviewing at the school district to teach a series of Continuing Ed courses. The Director of the Continuing Ed Program was a very nice gentleman…suave, polished, and kind. He asked very good questions, questions I enjoyed responding to because I am passionate about what I teach.…

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A Neurosurgeon nearly dies

eben alexander

If you suffer from a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to the “soul”, “afterlife” or “beings of light”, this is a must-read for you. Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife is an account of Dr. Eben Alexander’s life-altering near-death experience. With impressive credentials like Massachussetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School…

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Karma: The Universe’s Boomerang

boomerang of karma

Growing up in India, “karma” and “reincarnation” have been part of, not just my DNA, but regular adult conversations as well. I haven’t always been curious about it, though. For most of my teenage and early adult years I avoided getting close to it because karma, I knew, was all about “sin”, “retribution”, and a record of my wrongdoings.…

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Anita’s message: Remember your magnificence

anita moorjani

Anita Moorjani’s powerful memoir Dying To Be Me tells the story of her near-death experience and the choice she made to come back and heal. Not just herself, but millions of people who are struggling for answers on the earthly journey. It all starts on April 26, 2002 with a lump on her right shoulder, just…

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Near-Death Experiences: What are they?

near death experiences

I was a stranger to Near-Death Experiences (NDE) until the year 2010. No, I haven’t had one since. But my mother’s passing in 2009 fueled my curiosity about life on the other side. One minute she was here, and the next a giant cosmic vacuum cleaner had sucked her up, and off to God knows where! Where had…

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Lessons from the Dead

lessons from the dying

Questions rattle inside most of us. Why do we struggle? What is the purpose of life? Isn’t there more to life than paying the bills?  Why do babies die? What happens when we die? The world-famous medium, James Van Praagh, brings us many of the answers in Unfinished Business: What the Dead can Teach Us…

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Till we meet again…

till we meet again

There’s no hiding from the Universe. Within days of starting this blog, I have been faced with the sad passing of a dear friend’s husband in Chennai, India. Our kids–eighteen-year-olds now–have been best friends since fourth grade. It was uncanny, the timing of it: precisely five days after my first blog entry. The irony is how…

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