The Dangers of Spirituality

The dangers of spirituality are not often addressed but they are real. Recently I worked with a client (we’ll call her Brenda) whose mother was diagnosed with a rare illness. The illness caused limited mobility, episodes of forgetting, and an inability to work at the non-profit, a job she loved. Now Brenda had to do…

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What Is Sacred In Your Life?

What is sacred in your life? Recently, I’ve been thinking about something important. Five words, to be precise. What is a sacred life? Rivvy Neshama, author of Recipes For A Sacred Life: True Stories and a Few Miracles is the originator of this question. In a recent interview, she invited the listeners to ponder this profound…

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When You’re Grieving

mistakes to avoid when grieving

In 3 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Grieving, I point you to the common pitfalls we encounter during the healing process. Most of us never think about loss until it happens to us. What follows is the unbearable pain of grief. We’re already in deep waters and must do all we can just to stay…

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Grief Healing Tips: Be Your Best Friend

honor your grieving heart

In Grief Healing Tips: Be Your Best Friend, I encourage you to advocate for yourself and be your own spokesperson. You need to get out more. I’m taking you shopping. Being alone isn’t good for you. Advice, advice, advice. You get a ton of it when you’re grieving a loss. Most of it comes from…

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Grief Healing Tips: Forgive Yourself

forgive yourself

Last week we talked about the emotional baggage — guilt and regret — we walk around with. In Grief Healing Tips: Forgive yourself I speak about self-forgiveness and self-compassion. This week’s tip encourages you to offer forgiveness and compassion to yourself. No matter how much you wish you’d done things differently, you can’t go back…

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Grief Healing Tips: Unfinished Emotional Business

take care of unfinished emotions

In Grief Healing Tips: Unfinished Emotional Business I encourage you to take care of what remains unsaid or not done in the realm of relationships. I hate that I didn’t call Mom enough. I never got to say I’m sorry. I thought we had more time — and now I wish I’d done things differently.…

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Grief Healing Tips: No map or timeline

grief has no map or timeline

Grief Healing Tips: No map or timeline is about how grief takes its own course. As a culture we navigate our lives via Google’s search engine. We rely on Google Maps to tell us how and when we’ll get everywhere. We love 1-2-3’s, how-to’s, and formulas. Unfortunately, there is no reliable GPS, or 6-step formula that can…

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Grief Healing Tips: Sacred Intention

healing begins with a sacred intention

Grief Healing Tips: Sacred Intention is the first of my tip series. This step asks you to first set a sacred intention for your healing journey. I hate the way I feel. I want the pain to stop. I wish I could get over this. You’re probably walking around with this mantra playing inside your…

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Slowing Down Grief

grief, slowing down grief, easy grief

Grief has a rhythm all its own. Slowing down grief has so many benefits in how we move through the experience. In our haste to speed our recovery, we rush around frenetically trying to find the instant-formula, or 3-quick-steps to grief relief. We make our expectations clear to a coach or counselor: I don’t have too…

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Thriving After A Loss

thriving after loss

You read that headline and think: Whoever wrote that is plain nuts. Thriving after a loss?? Is that even possible? How can someone be expected to thrive when they lose someone they’ve loved dearly? If I’d encountered that headline when my mother’s loss was still fresh, I would’ve had the same reaction. There is a…

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