3 Reasons to Heal Generational Trauma

You can cut them out of your life. But you're still stuck with their DNA. Uma Girish

3 reasons to heal generational trauma offers you an understanding of how the lineage suffers when trauma is unhealed.

Often we don’t know why we repeat the crazy things we do. We also do a ton of healing work and feel frustrated that we can't beat those patterns. You know, the patterns that repeat and repeat and repeat. We wonder what we're doing wrong, why we can't release them and be at peace. 


* You get really close to romantic partners but something causes you to break it off each time

* You start a variety of businesses but burn it to the ground every time

* You love kids but feel you’ll be a terrible mom and so you convince yourself that motherhood is not for you

It's important to remember that the patterns we repeat didn’t start with us.

They started with the people in our family line. A grandfather. A great-aunt. An uncle. A parent.

We’re deeply loyal to our lineage—even when we don’t have fulfilling relationships with some of our family members. It’s how we love them (in a weird way). This kind of loyalty is often unconscious.

Out of this sense of “unconscious” loyalty, we carry on the failures, burdens, and suffering of our ancestors. 

We can cut people out of our lives but we can’t change the DNA we’ve inherited.

It’s as if we’re saying, “Dad, you failed at every business you started. But you don’t have to carry that failure alone. I’ll carry it with you.”Or “Mom, you could never marry the love of your life. I’ll stay loyal to you by making sure I get into relationships that never get to the altar.”

In the generational trauma healing work I do with clients, we dig deep to uncover family stories, secrets, and suffering that have remained hidden for years and years.

Herein lie clues to the symptoms, phobias, and sabotaging behaviors you keep experiencing without being able to break them.

This is powerful, sacred work we do with your ancestors. The freedom and joyful liberation that comes when you transition from “trauma bearer” to “lineage healer” is incredible to witness.

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