6 Ways to Healing

6 ways to healing is about bringing gentleness to your practices which take the struggle out of it.

Working on ourselves endlessly has become the modern-day obsession. There always seems to be a new level to aspire to, a new modality to learn, or a new vibration to get to. Healing can be simple, when you make the decision to let go of the struggle. Here are 6 truths about the gentle art of healing.

1. You don't have to punish yourself on the path.

Walking the spiritual path doesn't mean beating up on yourself. It's all about gentle acceptance. You've been through life. You are where you are. You've tried some things. Your insides are healing. Let it unfold organically.

2. You don't have to work on yourself endlessly.

You chose to come into this earth experience. To be a soul in a physical body. To thrive and learn and grow. To use all your five senses to squeeze every drop of joy out of this earth plane. So when you buy into the idea that life has to be solemn and serious and spiritual all the time, you rob yourself of a great deal of pleasure.

3. You don't have to struggle and sweat to be deserving of the healing.

We've been conditioned to believe that we must work hard in order for us to be deserving of the rewards. This is an old-world, old-paradigm belief, one that no longer serves our expansion. The Divine is not grading us. There are no winners and losers in this game. Everyone is doing the best they can. Let go of this idea which your religion probably handed you that healing requires hard work.

4. Healing is more about Allowing and less about fixing yourself.

Your intention to heal is the most powerful thing you bring to the table. The rest is what the Divine orchestrates. Your receptivity and willingness go a long way in speeding up your healing. Allow yourself to receive what God wants for you...which is perfect health and wholeness.

5. Healing can be easy when you stop obsessing over the HOW and the WHEN.

Let go, let go, let go. When you go where you're led, doors open, healers show up, miracles are natural occurrences. Try not to attach to your timeline. Allow Divine timing to guide the circumstance.

6. Healing is Flow. Flow is all about aligning with Divine timing.

Trust that it is happening. When you surrender and let the Divine take over, you're in the flow state. In the flow state, you're simply carried. There's no stress or struggle. You don't have to figure stuff out.

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