We Are Not Guaranteed Tomorrow

We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

When news of the basketball legend Kobe Bryant’s tragic death flashed on my phone, it felt surreal. No, I’m not a basketball fan. I’ve rarely watched a full game. And yet, his death hit home hard. My husband and daughter are huge fans of the game. But that’s not the entire reason why I felt grief well up inside me. It’s because of what the reporters were saying.

Reporters and newscasters were speaking about Kobe Bryant in the past tense. And that brought home a hard truth: We can go from “is” to “was” in a matter of minutes.

Life is fragile. Life is short. Life is unpredictable. If you’re in my community, you’ve lived through this truth.

I wonder if Kobe knew as he went about his life that fateful morning — brushing his teeth, taking a shower, eating breakfast — whether he would be “gone” in a few short hours.

Babies die. Teenagers die. Young mothers and fathers die. We don’t understand why terrible tragedies happen.

But we do have ONE choice. To decide if we’re going to be crushed by the weight of loss and remain broken. Or rise up stronger, and use our gifts to make a difference in the world.

Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow. The place of power from where you can make a decision that changes your life for the better is TODAY.

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