We are all One

We are all one. This sounds like a complex truth. What does it even mean? Allow me to explain.

Ten years ago on the 27th of January my mother took her last breath.

I was so broken by her loss that I couldn’t see beyond my next breath. Leave alone, fast forward to 2019 and who I have become today. But even through the dark fog I was trapped in, I felt the soft glow of a tiny ember inside my heart.

  • Something in me knew that there was a deeper meaning beneath the loss, but I didn’t know what it was.
  • Something had to change in the way I lived to make my life matter–because I still had breath in my body and my mother didn’t.
  • Something deeper was asking to be born so that I could find meaning in life again.

I know you feel it too.

Your loss–whether a dear one died, a partner walked away carrying your broken heart with them, a parent is getting ready to cross over, or you’re feeling a general sense of restlessness even though your life looks pretty good on the outside–contains the seeds of something bigger.

Meaning. Purpose. A fire to inspire.

And like me, you’ve chased after it all.

  • You were convinced your answers were buried in other lifetimes–so you booked Past Life Regression sessions.
  • You tried crystal healing.
  • You bought all the right gemstones.
  • You balanced your yin and yang energies.
  • You had all the right beads, bracelets, and affirmations.

And yet, something in you felt unhinged. You know why? Because you, just like me, went chasing for the answers outside yourself.

It took me a long time to realize that my map was inside me. I know yours is inside you. Only your soul knows your journey.

Once I found my way back home to ME and located MY map, I knew the real journey had begun.

You’re the kind of strong, powerful woman I love to guide. In the work we do together you’ll find your way back to YOU. And once you’re home you never have to chase, and second-guess, and look outside yourself for your truth.

You’ll know exactly what to ask. And more importantly, you’ll learn how to listen.

Listening to your wisdom is how you’ll find this deeper thing you’re searching for. When you find it, you’ll find hope, meaning, and joy in life again.

Loss contains within it endings and beginnings. Will you open your arms to your new beginning? Because we are all one and we are meant to walk each other home.

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