Do Dreams Have An Expiry Date?

Do Dreams Have An Expiry Date?

Do dreams have an expiry date?

I believe they do.

I spent a week in Southern India, my first post-pandemic visit, and returned to Dusseldorf just a couple of days ago. It felt good to be with my sisters and laugh and cry and reminisce after nearly three years. We discussed dreams and wishes and hopes as we always do. And then, one of my clients and I spoke about dreams and I felt it was important to share it with more of you.


It's okay if your dreams change. It's part of you changing as a human and your needs and desires change too.

It's okay for you to let go of some dreams. Dreams like clothes and shoes don't fit after a while. You outgrow them for a purpose. So you can find some new dreams that fit the NOW version of you.

It's okay for you to make space for new dreams. Clinging to an old dream that has lost it's dazzle just because you have something to prove to someone or you can't bear to disappoint a partner or parent is the worst reason.

It's okay if you feel the soft edges of a dream, but aren't quite sure what it is...yet. Allow the dream to form, to come into being. Be patient with it as it grows at its own pace.

It's okay to have an audacious dream. You deserve to have an audacious dream. Take up space. Be big and bold in what you dream.

It's okay if your dream is small and simple. That's fine too. Small, simple dreams that are about everyday pleasures and ways of being are golden in times that seem fraught with troubles.

What do you dream of? share with me.

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