What Makes A Dream Come True

What Makes A Dream Come True

What makes a dream come true?

I've been writing a new book. It's taken me all of nine months. This is a memoir I was terrified to write. Truth be told, this book has been knocking on the doors of my heart for a good long while. Almost 7 to 8 years. But I wrote and published two other books in that time (you can find them HERE) The reason why I shied away from writing it even though my soul knew this was a book that needed to be written? It is a marriage memoir that tells the story of a three-decade relationship.


A 31-year-old marriage is a long journey where the two people change and evolve as life happens to them. Loved ones die, geographical moves happen, values change...

To tell this story was a dream of mine. But fear stopped me for the longest time. Because this is not just my story; it is my beloved's too.

Here's what I know after years of teaching and writing about purpose. The thing that terrifies you the most is the thing your soul wants you to do. It's the thing that's intricately connected to your purpose.

So I'm here to share with you that COURAGE is what makes a dream come true. I had to find the courage to write this story of conflict and growth and transformation.

This is a book that will appeal to many women who find themselves in long-term marriages where they have taken the fork in the road. It's natural that paths change and evolve as we do.

I'm proud to share that my book SACRED FIRE is finished! It took 82,000 words to shape this story and breathe life into it.

I'm revising and editing the manuscript as I call in my dream agent who will help shepherd this baby into the world.

As folks who support my work, any connections you have to agents who would be interested in such a work will be deeply appreciated.


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