Do Dreams Have An Expiry Date?

Do dreams have an expiry date? I believe they do. I spent a week in Southern India, my first post-pandemic visit, and returned to Dusseldorf just a couple of days ago. It felt good to be with my sisters and laugh and cry and reminisce after nearly three years. We discussed dreams and wishes and…

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When You Change, Your Dreams Change

When you change, your dreams change. What is your dream in this moment? We are ever-evolving beings. Our dreams, too, evolve as we do. But, so often, we become attached to a dream we declared for ourselves five, seven, or even ten years ago. Something in us believes that we must stay connected to it…

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How to Find Your Passion

directing your destiny

Lounging in your couch and staring at a vision board all day long isn’t going to do anything to accelerate the flow of abundance into your life. This is the premise on which Jennifer Grace’s book Directing Your Destiny: How to Become the Writer, Producer and Director of Your Dreams is built. How to find…

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Living Out Your Passion

don't wait for tomorrow

Living out your passion is critical to living a life of joy. My daughter’s experience speaks volumes about this truth. When I returned home after my evening walk, my 19-year-old daughter had her nose in her iPhone. Nothing unusual. But my post-walk chatter was greeted with complete silence. This was unusual. As I paused to register…

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