We Are Not Guaranteed Tomorrow

We are not guaranteed tomorrow. When news of the basketball legend Kobe Bryant’s tragic death flashed on my phone, it felt surreal. No, I’m not a basketball fan. I’ve rarely watched a full game. And yet, his death hit home hard. My husband and daughter are huge fans of the game. But that’s not the entire reason…

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My Failed Attempts to Improve My Life

flipping through the pages of a book

My failed attempts to improve my life have taught me an important lesson: all my attempts to fix myself are at the level of my ego. I need to let that go. I believe with every cell in my being that I am an old soul. A part of me has known this even when…

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Grief Healing Tips: Be Your Best Friend

honor your grieving heart

In Grief Healing Tips: Be Your Best Friend, I encourage you to advocate for yourself and be your own spokesperson. You need to get out more. I’m taking you shopping. Being alone isn’t good for you. Advice, advice, advice. You get a ton of it when you’re grieving a loss. Most of it comes from…

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Grief Healing Tips: No map or timeline

grief has no map or timeline

Grief Healing Tips: No map or timeline is about how grief takes its own course. As a culture we navigate our lives via Google’s search engine. We rely on Google Maps to tell us how and when we’ll get everywhere. We love 1-2-3’s, how-to’s, and formulas. Unfortunately, there is no reliable GPS, or 6-step formula that can…

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Is there A Right Way to Grieve?

what paint taught me

Is there a right way to grieve? I’m often asked this question. Let me explain with a story. About a month ago I spent a delicious weekend creating with spirit in the company of a sacred circle of women. For twelve hours over two days we created art, meditated to the healing energies of sound…

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Losing A Teenage Child

Losing a teenage child can drop the best of us into a deep, dark abyss from which we wonder if we will ever emerge. When I turned the last page of Caravan Of No Despair: A Memoir of Loss and Transformation by Mirabai Starr, I closed my eyes because it felt like a holy moment.…

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Grief And Faith

international grief council

What is the relationship between grief and faith? Grief is not Catholic, Hindu, or Jew. Grief is not black, white or brown. Grief is the great leveler. It slices through differences of country and culture, faith and fanaticism. Grief is the language of  the human heart broken by loss. It is to give voice to…

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Losing A Mother to Suicide

gift of daffodils

Losing a mother to suicide can be a heartbreak many never recover from. Sherri Elizabeth Tidwell was only 14 years old when her mother committed suicide. This kind of grief can be extremely complicated. The young girl’s anguish and yearning for her beloved mother birthed something beautiful for the world. Sherri offers us a wonderful…

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3 Principles That Can Change Your Life

3 principles to live

3 principles that can change your life revealed themselves to me through a quote. A couple of weeks ago, I made a presentation on FAITH at a retirement community. I ended my presentation with this quote: “Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” The quote struck a…

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What Happens When Someone We Love Dies?

when we die

What happens when someone we love dies? When my mother transitioned in 2009, I struggled on many levels. But the most challenging aspect was the loss of her physicality. One moment she was here. And gone the next. She had vanished into nothingness. How did she leave? Where did she go? The thought that she…

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