What A Morning Practice Does For Me

Grief, Prayers, And PolicyWhat a morning practice does for me is significant.

Throughout my twenties and thirties, I woke up in the morning and just fell into my day. There was no uplifting thought or intention with which I began my day. But all that changed when I hit my forties and experienced a deeply profound transformation: my beloved Amma's death. In the years since, my morning practice has become a must.

Morning Practices were all the rage not too long ago. Everyone was posting their practice on social media and encouraging their communities to create one.

But like anything that runs out of steam, they're not so cool anymore. Maybe people got bored, learned they are "inconsistent" (Human Design nuance), and gave up on it.

Through all the hype of you-must-have-a-morning--practice and its subsequent fade, I've kept at my morning practice.

Before I share what I do, it's important to share what I don't.

I don't look at my phone for at least 1.5 hours after I wake up. I don't drink morning coffee. I don't listen to the news.

  • I drink a glass of lemon water.
  • I meditate.
  • I make myself a nourishing smoothie.

My human design tells me that I'm "inconsistent" (It's correct for me to "flow" rather than attach to a rigid routine). Before HD I judged myself for starting things, but never sticking with them. I'd begin plenty of things with a truckload of enthusiasm, do it for 6 days, then feel bored and give up on it.

Now that I know my "inconsistent" flow, I've found a way to stick to what I start.

So how do I keep a morning practice going?

I'm consistent with the parts I like: meditation + inspirational reading.

I'm inconsistent with the type of meditations.

  • Sometimes it's guided.
  • Sometimes I chant.
  • Sometimes it's a mantra.
  • Sometimes it's pure silence.

I'm also inconsistent with the rest of my practices.

  • Some days I journal.
  • Some days I do pranayama ( a breathing technique).
  • Some days I light a candle.


... a morning practice is very important to how my day begins. With intention, grace, and presence.

So I keep doing it. Every single day.

Why is my morning practice so important to me?

  • It makes me soul-centered rather than egocentric.
  • It filters my focus into how I wish to honor my day.
  • It expands my consciousness.

Don't adopt a practice because it's a trend. There will always be a new trend: oil-pulling, intermittent fasting, body-brushing, or a morning practice.

Don't abandon something because it's no longer the trend.

Do what supports you, feels good to you, and gets you in touch with that part of yourself that knows who you really are.

And if you're someone who begins your morning feeling rushed and overwhelmed, this is exactly the kind of thing we can work on in a Single Session

  1. We identify your morning triggers.
  2. We dig into the beliefs behind the triggers.
  3. We create an easy morning practice that supports your unique lifestyle.
  4. You wake up feeling more at peace and begin your day with clarity and calm.


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