My New Podcast: Being Fully Me

My podcast Being Fully Me is my new project.

A few years ago I hosted a podcast called The Grammar of Grief. After many episodes of inviting guests and also sharing my own wisdom and reflections, it felt right to retire it. The podcast bug bit me again about a year ago. But now the market was saturated. I had no desire to add to the noise. I wanted to offer something fresh, original, uniquely me.

So I waited for a bolt of inspiration to strike, to let me know what I was meant to speak about if another podcast was meant to be.

I was in conversation with a coach-friend and shared my dilemma with her. When two minds come together, something magical happens. She asked me a few laser-focused questions and clarity dawned.

The way to make my podcast unique was by sharing my stories.

That's how Being Fully Me was born. She's very young. Just 4 episodes young.

My intention with this podcast is to share stories from my life and also the wisdom I've gleaned from those experiences.

In episode 1, I speak about my beloved paternal grandmother and what she meant to me. It almost felt like a sacred tribute to the woman who shaped my imagination.

Episodes 2 and 3 are about my writing journey. Starting from my childhood when my father encouraged my penmanship to how it evolved into me writing 3 books (with a 4th on the way!)

In the 4th episode, I share how important it is to nurture a creative project, what such a project needs from us, and also read a short extract from my grief memoir Losing Amma, Finding Home: A Memoir About Love, Loss, And Life's Detours.

I hope you'll subscribe to my podcast. Listen to a couple of episodes and if you like what you're hearing, please rate it and write a review. Your act of kindness will help my podcast reach more listeners.

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