How A Human Design Reading Ignited Her Purpose

After months and months of unending grief, she found her momentum

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Marie had spent months and months following the loss of her beloved, swimming in the deep ocean of grief, with no horizon in sight. I have permission to share her story.

My Instagram Post

It all started with an Instagram post in which I shared my experience with Human Design.

Marie, one of my IG followers, messaged me. "What is this Human Design you're talking about??"

A few messages later, she wanted to know more about her own design and booked a reading. There was just one problem. Marie didn't know her exact time of birth.

I have a workaround for such a situation, so I pulled her chart, did a video reading, and emailed her the links.

The next day, she wrote me back. "As I watched the videos I found myself gasping as I recognized myself so clearly. I really found it very comforting to realize that I was actually carrying out the role I was put on this earth to do. I was taken aback."

Marie had been grieving hard after her beloved passed away. The pandemic had made the isolation so much worse. She was trying to be with her feelings, but it was hard.

When Marie and I got together on Zoom for our 1:1 follow-up session, I saw a very different person. There was a new energy about her, a sense of purpose, a direction she'd found.

So, what made the difference??

Marie is a Manifestor type in Human Design. Manifestors form only 9% of the world's population and are initiators. They make things happen. They incarnated to start things, whether they are projects, movements, or life-changing conversations.

Marie's Human Design reading galvanized her soul and reminded her of the life she used to live before loss stalled everything. She actually reconnected with her soul energy just by watching the videos I'd made for her.

What happened next?

Through her reading, Marie rediscovered her wheels. As someone who used to work in the entertainment industry, she remembered the excitement and adrenaline rush of event bookings.

She now felt energized enough to get on the phone. Within one week, Marie had lined up an impressive line-up of musicians for a concert in London as soon as the city opens up.

Why is this important?

As she watched the videos, Marie was transported to a time when she lived her purpose. Her work motivated and fulfilled her. But grief had taken a toll and she was lost and lonely.

Being able to reconnect with this part of her reminded her of who she used to be. When we lose someone we love, we often forget who we used to be. Establishing this link was so important in how Marie lifted herself up and out of the depths of despair.

If you're interested in booking a Human Design reading with me, it would be an honor to read your chart. I only do a handful of readings at a time because it is deep, soulful work.


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