Dealing with the sudden loss of loved ones

Dealing with the sudden loss of loved ones is not just shocking, it hollows you out.

Imagine being 13 years old.

Imagine losing both your sisters and mom in a plane crash.

Imagine spending the rest of your life watching your dad numb out and never recover from the trauma of the tragedy.

I wonder how anyone gets past this tragedy. But the human spirit, if anything, is resilient. Lynda Fishman not only lived through this harrowing experience; she found her own rainbow at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. Lynda now shares her story and lives her life in such a way that she inspires others who feel struck down by similar situations.

Dealing with the sudden loss of loved ones takes courage, heart, and a ton of resilience. Sudden bereavement is hard because there’s no time to prepare. Your relationship with the deceased determines the trajectory of your grief experience. Unresolved issues can wreak havoc with mental health as we struggle with guilt, anger, and enormous sadness. If this person was the provider for the family, the sudden financial burden adds a whole other layer to the loss and grief.

This is Lynda Fishman’s story. Lynda’s book is called “Repairing Rainbows: A True Story of Family, Tragedy and Choices.”

In this article, she tells it in her usual heartfelt and inspiring way. Read on…

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