We Are Not Guaranteed Tomorrow

We are not guaranteed tomorrow. When news of the basketball legend Kobe Bryant’s tragic death flashed on my phone, it felt surreal. No, I’m not a basketball fan. I’ve rarely watched a full game. And yet, his death hit home hard. My husband and daughter are huge fans of the game. But that’s not the entire reason…

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Dealing with the sudden loss of loved ones

rainbow of grief

Dealing with the sudden loss of loved ones is not just shocking, it hollows you out. Imagine being 13 years old. Imagine losing both your sisters and mom in a plane crash. Imagine spending the rest of your life watching your dad numb out and never recover from the trauma of the tragedy. I wonder how…

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How to Help a Grieving Friend

katherine conway

How to help a grieving friend is a common question where we are seeking to know what to say and be supportive. After a deeply moving personal tragedy, Katherine Conway made the decision to turn her pain into helping others heal. The result: Helping Friends Grieve, a community of shared stories of grief and loss. The…

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Why Me?


Why me? Why my child? These are questions every parent who lost a child in the Connecticut school shootings is asking today. Why innocent kids? This follows on the heels of the first. When the mind is confronted with a tragedy of this magnitude, there are more questions than answers. Asking why me is completely normal.…

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