Your Purpose Is Not A 5-Year Plan

The Universe only guides us one step at a time. I quit my part-time job at the retirement community eighteen months after I’d started there. It no longer brought me joy. Worse, it didn’t help me serve the seniors in the way I wanted to. But the community wanted me to continue the weekly Storytelling…

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Unfinished Business: The Weight of Grief

unfinished business in grief

I never got to say goodbye. I haven’t spoken to my brother in five years. If I apologize, he could harm me again… Guilt. Regret. Blame. Forgiveness issues. The unfinished business of life eats away at us. Slowly. Relentlessly. It wears down our heart and soul. So we resort to prescription pills, alcohol and sugary…

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How to express love before it’s too late

express love before it's too late

While most of us prefer to hide from the difficult task of mending relationships in life, there is no escaping a mandatory Life Review when we die. Karen Noe’s book Through the Eyes of Another: A Medium’s Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth by Encountering Your Life Review Now poses a profound question: Why wait till you get…

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