The Weight of Unfinished Business

The weight of unfinished business hangs heavy on our souls.

I never got to say goodbye.

I haven’t spoken to my brother in five years.

If I apologize, he could harm me again…

Guilt. Regret. Blame. Forgiveness issues.

The unfinished business of life eats away at us. Slowly. Relentlessly. It wears down our heart and soul. So we resort to prescription pills, alcohol and sugary foods to help numb the pain.

We believe that we’ll feel better if we just stop thinking about it.

The pain never goes away. Not until we’re willing to release the forgiveness. Or own up to our part in the broken relationship. And stop blaming the other. In other words, we need to face our fears so we can move past and beyond them.

And if our friend or parent or sibling or significant other dies before we’ve had a chance to complete the incompletion, we carry the guilt around an entire lifetime.

If we’re so sure we’re right and the other wrong, why does it haunt us so?

I believe it’s because we know deep within our soul that we’re love. Love is all that matters. That hatred and resentment and anger have built up like onion layers and block the light of who we truly are.

The wise part of us knows we need to work things out. But we continue to lead with our egos and bury our heads in the sand.

And then comes the moment when it’s too late. When that happens, we beat ourselves up because we procrastinated. We didn’t forgive. We didn’t apologize. We didn’t fix what was broken–when we still had the time.

I thought we had more time.

I never dreamed she’d die so young.

I was waiting all these years for him to make the first move.

All the excuses and justifications in the world can’t and won’t bring our loved one back.

The weight of unfinished business doesn’t have to hold you down. Don’t waste another minute. Get clear about what’s incomplete in your life. Think about the next step you can take to begin the repair and restoration.

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