The 3 Gifts That Loss Brings Us

When my mother’s breath left her body for the last time in 2009, I could barely breathe. I shattered. I dropped deep into the dark well of grief. I could only think of my loss as negative. I didn’t have the insights I have now to think of the blessings that came into my life…

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When Grief takes Our Power Away

grief takes our power away

“Perhaps the deepest wounding in grief is our realization that we are not in control and we are not safe. We’ve spent a lifetime preparing for every possibility, protecting ourselves and our loved ones by buying safe cars, making sure we wear seat belts, stopping smoking, getting regular medical check-ups, submitting to vaccinations, living in…

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With Sympathy…Chelsea Hanson

chelsea hanson

Wisconsin native Chelsea Hanson is the founder of With Sympathy Gifts and Keepsakes. An only child,  Chelsea lost her dad when she was only four. Losing her mom Donna when she was 28 years old was another devastating blow. Today, the 43-year-old is a Grief expert, entrepreneur, and author of five booklets about life after loss whose…

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Remembering Debbie Ford

debbie ford

After a long and arduous battle with cancer, the body of 57-year-old Debbie Ford surrendered to release her spirit and send it home. It is a huge loss to humanity, this feisty author and spiritual teacher whose work has changed millions of lives. And yet, in my mind and heart, Debbie Ford will continue to live…

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