Does Your Mother Trigger You?

Does your mother trigger you?

The way she looked at you. The words that came out of her mouth. Her genius at zoning in on the one thing you didn’t do well, and ignoring everything that you did. Her negative energy. Her barbs. Her acid tongue.

Your mother is a huge trigger for you.

You’ve always felt misunderstood. Wrong. Not enough. A failure.

You’ve tried and failed, tried and failed, tried and failed…

You had to walk on eggshells. You never knew what might set her off.

So you did as you were told. You were a good little girl. And you even did things before she asked you to. A teeny tiny hope for brownie points? Maybe.

But it felt awful to live like that.

The person who was supposed to protect you from the monster under your bed had, in fact, turned into the monster.

There’s a part of you that still grieves who you’ve become because of all that unpredictable rage of hers.

Jumpy. Nervous. Underconfident. Unsure. Feeling worthless.

When the woman who brought you into this life experience brings you the greatest misery, life can feel overwhelming.

A mother who wounded you created an aching hole in your heart.

  • How do you fill that hole?
  • How do you heal?
  • Is it even possible to be in the same room and feel at peace?

Last year, I gathered a small group of women online for a healing experience called Heal Your Mother Wound. We met for six weeks and at the end of that time, many women reported deep healing in their relationships. Other women asked about the program. So I’ve decided to offer it again this year.

A mother wound is a primal wound that limits our life experience in all ways. If you’d like guidance, check out the details of my 1:1 Mother Wound healing program.

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