The 2 Types of Compassion

two gold wedding rings together on a page of writing with the definition of marriage

Learning about the 2 types of compassion was really useful in understanding where I remain stuck and in victim mode. When I was in my twenties and thirties, I loved being surrounded by friends who “understood” me. Naive and immature as I was, I didn’t realize that these friendships were not authentic and didn’t serve…

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Grieving A Mother

chelsea hanson

Grieving a mother who died when you were 28 years old is a shattering experience. Wisconsin native Chelsea Hanson is the founder of With Sympathy Gifts and Keepsakes. An only child,  Chelsea lost her dad when she was only four. Losing her mom Donna when she was 28 years old was another devastating blow. Today, the…

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How to express sympathy when someone dies

sympathy for the bereaved

How do you express sympathy when someone dies? How do you say you’re sorry for another’s loss? Words often seem an inadequate container to hold the enormity of loss. We struggle with phrases and expressions that will best communicate our sympathy. Some tips might help make this formidable task easier. What you write and how much…

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