Finding Calm in Chaos

Finding calm in chaos is like finding a different-colored grain of sand on the beach. War in Ukraine. Floods in Australia. Hate and divisiveness in Texas. And so much more. Ever since the pandemic started in 2020, we have been on emotional overload. With no time to find our feet, we’re constantly being thrust into…

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How to Help a Grieving Friend

katherine conway

How to help a grieving friend is a common question where we are seeking to know what to say and be supportive. After a deeply moving personal tragedy, Katherine Conway made the decision to turn her pain into helping others heal. The result: Helping Friends Grieve, a community of shared stories of grief and loss. The…

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What are the needs of the dying?

wat the dying need from us

What are the needs of the dying? Over the weeks and months following the grim diagnosis of terminal illness or a debilitating injury, your loved one experiences many losses. Once a healthy, functional, productive individual they begin to suffer a severe loss of identity. The valued role they played is soon a thing of the past. How…

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