Finding Calm in Chaos

 Finding Calm When the World is in Chaos

Finding calm in chaos is like finding a different-colored grain of sand on the beach. War in Ukraine. Floods in Australia. Hate and divisiveness in Texas. And so much more. Ever since the pandemic started in 2020, we have been on emotional overload. With no time to find our feet, we're constantly being thrust into one crisis after another as we watch our world fall apart again and again. How do we find calm? How do we know what to do? How can we help when all we want to do is run and hide?


I don't have all the answers to these big questions. But I do have ideas and practices that support me and I want to share them with you in the hope that some of it may be useful.

1. When the outer world is in complete turmoil, I find refuge in my inner world. It is the one place I have complete control over, so I retreat there to find my strength, center, and calm.

2. My rituals and practices become even more important to me. I lean on them. Morning meditation, reading, writing, walks in nature, and restorative sleep are my go-to's.

3. I engage in self-loving practices--eating nourishing foods, listening to nourishing songs and talks, and being really gentle with myself--even more fiercely. If I'm no good to me, I'm no good to anyone. So I must put myself first so that I can send my best energy out into the world.

4. I disengage from comparisons. How much I'm doing versus how much others are doing. I stay in my lane and make a difference in the ways I can, big and small. Sometimes that looks like writing a newsletter which contains a few nuggets that can inspire you.

5. I fully embrace the idea that my brand of activism doesn't have to look like anyone else's. I've never been a hold-a-placard-and-protest-on-the-streets kind of activist. My activism flows through my mentoring work, writing, and teaching. I admire those on the front lines. I also know that we each have our roles and when we can show up as us, we're more useful.

6. Tending to my inner garden is my topmost priority. It's not selfish; it's in service to the world. If I spend my days being frightened and fatigued, I have nothing to give. Cultivating my inner peace fuels me to serve better.

7. I only watch snippets of news, and choose to stay away from overconsumption. Taking in too much destroys my sensitive energy and overwhelms me. So I don't pretend that I'm participating in world events by watching the news. I protect my most precious resource, my energy, so that I can be of service.

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