Sacred Soul Union is officially open!

Navigating Your Soul Path AND Your Marriage SACRED SOUL UNION will show you the way. BEFORE: I had to go through five difficult emotions in the context of my marriage as I made a commitment to follow my soul’s calling. Anger, fear, grief, loneliness, and guilt. AFTER: There is so much healing, harmony, and happiness in…

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Is Guilt Bullying You?

several fingers pointing at the word guilty written in red within two red circles

Remember that big bully on the school playground who called you names? Who made you feel small and stupid? Like you could never do anything without making a horrible mistake? Guilt is a bully. It does to you the exact same thing that the playground bully did. It makes you feel small and stupid. It…

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Emotional Triggers And How To Deal With Them

a woman leaning her hand against a tree and looking away with a disappointed look on her face.

A couple of weeks ago I was emotionally triggered by a friend who brought home an important lesson. After weeks of consulting our calendars and going back and forth, she and I were finally on the phone. Two minutes into our conversation, she said, “Oh, my son just arrived. I’ll have to call you back.”…

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Are You Someone Who Can’t Say NO?

meditation 101 for newbies

Did you know that the inability to say a simple one-syllable word “NO” is one of the biggest causes of guilt?!! Saying too many yeses makes us giddy. And not in a  good way. We take on too much. We take on everyone else’s needs. We take on more than we can realistically accomplish and…

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Does Guilt Keep You Awake At Night?

GUILT. It’s like lugging a horrible, heavy monster everywhere you go. There’s no relief, no letting up, no days off. It colors everything you think, do, and say. In short, guilt causes so much suffering. And it’s hard not to feel it because it’s built into us. Guilt is our moral compass. It’s a good…

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Unfinished Business: The Weight of Grief

unfinished business in grief

I never got to say goodbye. I haven’t spoken to my brother in five years. If I apologize, he could harm me again… Guilt. Regret. Blame. Forgiveness issues. The unfinished business of life eats away at us. Slowly. Relentlessly. It wears down our heart and soul. So we resort to prescription pills, alcohol and sugary…

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What Grief Does to You (Part 1)

what grief does to you

Our individual experience of grief is as unique as our DNA or fingerprint. While our shared humanity does trigger certain standard responses to the loss of a loved one, not all of us experience every one of them, or in the same order. The Shock of Loss: “This is not happening to me.” Call it…

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Lessons from the Dead

lessons from the dying

Questions rattle inside most of us. Why do we struggle? What is the purpose of life? Isn’t there more to life than paying the bills?  Why do babies die? What happens when we die? The world-famous medium, James Van Praagh, brings us many of the answers in Unfinished Business: What the Dead can Teach Us…

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