Grief and the Head Center in Human Design

The study of grief and the Head center in Human Design helps us understand how we “think” about the experience we’re moving through. When we’re grieving–whether it’s the loss of someone we love, an identity we’re being called to shed, a geographic move, or the end of a season that was special–we have a tendency…

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Grief Does Change Shape

Grief does change shape

Grief does change shape. But in the early weeks and months after my mother died, I felt like I was walking around without skin. Everything hurt. The pain of loss was excruciating. I felt confused, disoriented, and ungrounded.  It was the first time in life that I felt totally alone. Not just because my mother…

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Silence Heals the Soul

Silence heals the soul

Silence heals the soul. When my mother died in 2009, I wanted to hide. Solitude became my friend. Shattered by loss, I wanted nothing more than to burrow into a cocoon and lick my wounds. When friends tried to get me to go out or find other ways to distract myself from the pain, I…

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Am I Grieving Correctly?

Am I grieving correctly? I get this question ALL the time. Many of my clients come to me with this big, scary doubt chewing up their brain: Am I doing grief wrong? And ten times out of ten, my answer is NO. What does “doing grief wrong” look like? Here are some common answers from…

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