Do You Fear Your Own Shadow?

Do you fear your own shadow? When the shadows you fear become your best friends, your light shines the brightest. Our shadows walk with us all the time. We inherited them when we were little, and they’ve been following us around, trying to keep us “safe.” What do these shadows whisper? Don’t speak up against…

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Why A Sunday Lunch Made Me Cry

Why a Sunday lunch made me cry is a good story I’d love to share with you. Last weekend my husband and I were invited to my brother’s house for lunch. This is always a cause for celebration for many reasons. Not the least of which is the fact that my sister-n-law is an amazing…

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4 Simple Steps to Deal With Your Fears

4 simple steps to deal with your fears is about what you can do when fear paralyzes you in the moment and clouds your thinking. Just when you think life can’t get any harder, it does. Someone you love dies. Your boyfriend dumps you. You’re laid off from a job you’ve been working at forever.…

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How To Deal With Fear

How to deal with fear is about a personal experience I had when I messed up, felt a lot of fear, but recognized it and took action. A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Bentonville, AR for a training program. But two hours before I was due to leave for the airport I realized…

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10 Ways to Cope with a Difficult Loss

coping with difficult losses

When you lose a loved one, grief knocks you over no matter how strong you are. Here are 10 ways to cope with a difficult loss. 1) Feel your Feelings. Allow feelings to bubble up to the surface: shock, anger, denial, sadness, fear. Everyone’s grief is as individual as their fingerprints, so this order is…

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Where do we come from?

angel margaret gerry gavin

Where do we come from? And where are we going? This book sounds to me like a love letter to humanity. A very timely one at that. Margaret is Gerry Garvin’s guardian angel, the loving entity who has been helping him unravel life for over 20 years. The book is designed to help us understand three…

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Dying to Be Me

anita moorjani

Anita Moorjani’s powerful memoir Dying To Be Me tells the story of her near-death experience and the choice she made to come back and heal. Not just herself, but millions of people who are struggling for answers on the earthly journey. Dying to Be Me is an inspiring memoir, one that raises powerful questions about living…

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What are the needs of the dying?

wat the dying need from us

What are the needs of the dying? Over the weeks and months following the grim diagnosis of terminal illness or a debilitating injury, your loved one experiences many losses. Once a healthy, functional, productive individual they begin to suffer a severe loss of identity. The valued role they played is soon a thing of the past. How…

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What Grief Does to Your Mind

what grief does to you

Grief does a number on our mind. Our individual experience of grief is as unique as our DNA or fingerprint. While our shared humanity does trigger certain standard responses to the loss of a loved one, not all of us experience every one of them, or in the same order. The Anxiety of Apprehension: “Will…

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What do the Dead know?

lessons from the dying

What do the dead know? Do they know some things we the living have no access to? Questions rattle inside most of us. Why do we struggle? What is the purpose of life? Isn’t there more to life than paying the bills?  Why do babies die? What happens when we die? The world-famous medium, James…

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