Do You Fear Your Own Shadow?

Do you fear your own shadow?

When the shadows you fear become your best friends, your light shines the brightest.

Our shadows walk with us all the time. We inherited them when we were little, and they’ve been following us around, trying to keep us “safe."

What do these shadows whisper?

  • Don’t speak up against her or she won’t be your friend and you’ll be abandoned!
  • Pretend that you didn’t hear him make a racist comment or he’ll be very upset and create drama! Remember how you hate emotional confrontation and how unsafe you feel around drama!
  • That dress makes you look fat! Wear it, and everyone’s going to think how ugly you are!
  • Don’t be angry, or they’ll find out that you’re not really all that spiritual!

For the longest time, we’ve tried to keep our shadows hidden so that no one will see them. If they did, they’d know who we really are!!

But living on purpose requires a level of authenticity.

Any guesses why people SAY they want to find their purpose, but DO nothing about making that commitment!

Do you fear your own shadow? It’s scary to release the parts of us that have been keeping us safe. It’s hard to say goodbye to our shadows. To let the security blanket go.

When we can love our shadows (I didn’t say “make them go away”), we begin to live a full and wholesome life.

  • Do the work of teasing all your shadows out of the dusty, cobwebby parts of your mind.
  • Thank them for working so hard on your behalf.
  • Bless and release them into the light.
  • Invite and anchor in a new empowering belief.

Now, your Light is ready to shine even brighter. You’re ready to step into your divine purpose and share your gifts with the world.

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