5 Ways to Support A Loved One Who is Dying

holding hands to indicate support

In 5 ways to support a loved one who is dying, I offer you ways to honor their passage of time so that you’re left with no regrets. I’m often asked the question: “How do I prepare for the death of someone I love?” This is such a great question because we all find ourselves…

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Does Grief have a Purpose?

why grief

Does grief have a purpose? Does it move us toward a better version of ourselves? Every sad ending contains the seeds of a new happy beginning. I know this for sure and have lived through it myself. In a recent phone call, this truth was revealed to me one more time. One of my jobs…

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Grieving A Mother

chelsea hanson

Grieving a mother who died when you were 28 years old is a shattering experience. Wisconsin native Chelsea Hanson is the founder of With Sympathy Gifts and Keepsakes. An only child,  Chelsea lost her dad when she was only four. Losing her mom Donna when she was 28 years old was another devastating blow. Today, the…

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