What Messing Around With Paint Taught Me

what paint taught me

About a month ago I spent a delicious weekend creating with spirit in the company of a sacred circle of women. For twelve hours over two days we created art, meditated to the healing energies of sound bowls, bonded, and engaged in ritual and ceremony. The image on this post is a result of that…

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Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

don't wait for tomorrow

When I returned home after my evening walk, my 19-year-old daughter had her nose in her iPhone. Nothing unusual. But my post-walk chatter was greeted with complete silence. This was unusual. As I paused to register what might be going on, she turned to me and said, “Ma, Mr. Williams (name changed) passed away.” “Oh, I…

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A Sweet Pea lives on…(Part 2)

stephanie sweet pea

1. I see that you use art as a tool in navigating grief. How effective is creative expression in releasing grief? Creativity is, for me, the most effective tool when navigating through the darkness of grief. A paintbrush or a wad of clay can allow me to express feelings that words are not able to…

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