Grief Healing Tips: Creativity Heals

creativity healsGrief Healing Tips: Creativity Heals is all about how our spirit needs a spark to ignite our healing. When we’re grieving a loss, we move away from life.

Healing is a process of turning toward life.

We have to crawl our way out of the dark and find the light. This is where creativity plays such a vital role in healing a broken heart.

If the pesky voice in your head is going But I’m not creative, say a loud and firm Sssshhh. Now read on.

Creativity is not some big magic gift that is exclusively reserved for writers, artists, musicians, sculptors, and fashion designers.

We are all creative because we were created by the Creator.

We have it in our genetic blueprint. But we’ve abandoned our gifts, turned our back on it.

The truth is every one can do something really well. And I’m not just talking about writing the great American novel. Not all of us were born to do that.

Some of us are great organizers. Some have a green thumb and can literally bring plants to life. Some are terrific cooks. Others are gifted in teaching or speaking or working with horses.

Whatever your gift, this is the time to find it. It will literally save you. Something in the depths of your being comes alive when you use your gift. It awakens a spark inside you. Makes you want to get out of bed. To do more of it. This is how creative expression heals.  

Take Action Now:

1. Sit down with your journal and pen. Make a list of all the things you’re really good at. If you only come up with one or two, no worries. That’s a great start.
2. Of the 4 or 6 or 8 things on your list, pick one. Pick the one that has the most excitement for you.
3. If you’re having trouble deciding which to pick, read each one out loud and notice what happens in your body. Which one has the most energy?
4. Plug a specific time in your calendar to spend time doing what excites you.
5. If you need to take a few steps to make it happen, list out all the actions and begin to take them.

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