Grief Healing Tips: Cleanse Your Heart

cleanse your heart chakraIn Grief Healing Tips: Cleanse Your Heart I offer you some ideas on how to move past hurts and disappointments.

Remember the time your father promised to take you to the movies and then didn’t come home until late in the night?

Or your mother’s ongoing comments that you could never do anything as well as your sister?

Maybe you feel sad every time you recall how you were overlooked for the perfect job you had your heart set on.

Our wounds live in our heart. We live up in our head.

We live up there because feelings are hard to feel. You know they’re not going anywhere. But you stubbornly resist, pretending and hoping they will. Like that closet where you shove your bags, shoes, tee shirts and jammies, and shut the door hoping they’ll somehow magically reorder themselves. Similarly, your hurts, disappointments, and betrayals keep piling up in your heart space.

This is why regular cleansing is so important.

We believe we can use our mind to run our lives. What we don’t realize is that our heart and brain talk to each other all the time. And what we’re feeling determines how our heart performs.

When we experience feelings of appreciation (the kind we have after watching a sunset or a swarm of butterflies), our heart “coheres” at a calmer rhythm. When we’re impatient and frustrated, the pattern of our heart rhythm is more jerky.

This is why it is so important to take the time to deal with your feelings. Listen to what your heart is saying to you. Connect with your innate wisdom.

Take Action Now: Practice #1

1. Close your eyes and get really quiet on the inside..
2. Set the intent to cleanse and release.
3. Bring your attention to your heart.
4. Visualize your heart opening to receive.
5. Now imagine a sparkling emerald green light entering every cell of your heart. Its healing energy cleanses and balances.
6. Repeat at least twice daily or as often as needed.

Practice #2:
1. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath.
2. Bring to mind an experience which you deeply appreciated. Maybe a beautiful setting where you vacationed, the birth of your child, or an unexpected windfall.
3. Really feel into this experience. Where were you? What do you see, smell, taste, touch and hear?
4. Allow yourself to feel these feelings when life is challenging. Close your eyes, take yourself back to that time, and immerse yourself in the feelings of deep appreciation.

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