Connecting With A Loved One Who Has Died

sign from heavenConnecting with a loved one who has died isn’t as much of a mystery as many think it is. It takes belief, intention, and desire.

Many of you know that my father-in-law transitioned in early November this year.

At eighty-five, he had lived a full life and had the blessed ending we all wish for: He died at home in his own bed. He was here one moment, and gone the next.

I talked to his Spirit the very next day and asked for a sign that he had crossed over safely. I asked for a specific sign. My father-in-law was a huge Scrabble word buff, so I asked for the word “Scrabble” to show up.

In my webinars, workshops and client sessions, I continue to share the message that we are always connected to those we love. Even after they have passed on. We just have to know how to tune into their new station, at the right frequency.

For about two weeks, I saw nothing, heard nothing. But I continued to stay present and wait.

One night, I was looking for a juicy read as I was between books.  I wandered over to my bookshelf and pulled a book that was calling to me.

We Are All Welcome Here, written by Elizabeth Berg, one of my favorite authors, had been on that shelf since 2009. For some strange reason, I felt the urgent need to grab it in that moment.

I got under the covers, snug and warm, and started to read the Author’s Note.

It said that one of Berg’s reader fans, Marianne, had written her a letter with an idea for a book she wanted Berg to write. Marianne wanted Berg to tell the story of her mother Pat who contracted polio when she was 22 and gave birth to Marianne in an iron lung–a medical miracle.  Pat’s life story was so inspirational that Marianne believed it needed to be told.

Berg’s initial reaction was resistance. After all, she was a fiction writer who created characters and worlds for them to inhabit. But looking at a picture of Pat which Marianne had enclosed, she felt drawn to the joy she saw there.

In Berg’s response to Marianne, she wrote that she was willing to write the story but it would be completely fictionalized. Pat’s story would serve as a leap-off point from which she would imaginatively carve the story she chose to tell.

Marianne granted her complete freedom to do so but had one request. In Berg’s words: “Her only request was that one ‘real’ thing be represented in the book: her mother’s love of Scrabble.”

Well, there it was. My sign. Right there, on the page. I was beyond grateful and joyous.

Our loved ones are no longer in physical form and that causes us pain. But as my favorite medium, Sunny Dawn Johnston, says and has chosen as the title of her latest book The Love Never Ends.

It is true.  The love we share is endless. It crosses worlds and boundaries. It supports, inspires and uplifts us in the midst of our deepest sorrow. They see us and hear us. And we can feel them too, if we opened up our intuitive sense and raised our vibration.

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