What Stories Do You Make Up?

What stories do you make up about what happens to you? Being left out of experiences is a common human experience. When this happens, we feel the pain of rejection. Like we’re excluded, don’t belong. And we make up a story about it. The first story we make up is often about the people who…

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How to express sympathy when someone dies

sympathy for the bereaved

How do you express sympathy when someone dies? How do you say you’re sorry for another’s loss? Words often seem an inadequate container to hold the enormity of loss. We struggle with phrases and expressions that will best communicate our sympathy. Some tips might help make this formidable task easier. What you write and how much…

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Does Journaling Help Grief?

write about your grief

Does journaling help grief? When grief is new, feelings simmer just beneath the surface. This compromises the immune system, leaving you more susceptible to the flu, colds and infections. Research shows that short bursts of emotional writing, say just 15 minutes even for four consecutive days, result in improved immune system performance. What journaling does for…

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