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How I Say Yes to What I Want

Do you struggle to say yesto what you want? Do you feel like you want to invest in something, but maybe the time’s not right? Are you overthinking whether it is worth making the investment or not? Is there a battle going on between your heart and your head — and you just can’t decide?…

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Overconsuming…And How It’s Costing You

How is overconsuming information online costing you? When we’re trying to heal from loss, we’re looking for answers. Answers to everything from why we’re feeling the way we are to, how to minimize stress, how to sleep better, meditations, yoga nidra, yada, yada, yada. There’s an abundance of information out there. YouTube videos, blog posts…

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What I Learned From Our First Grief Healing Retreat

I just returned after facilitating a Grief Healing Retreat “Finding Hope After Loss” in Oxfordshire, U.K., with Daniela Norris and Lo Anne Mayer. The three of us co-founded the International Grief Council in 2015, and this was our first-ever retreat. For three gorgeous sunshine-filled days (which is something of a miracle in the U.K.) we…

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