5 Ways to Support A Loved One Who is Dying

holding hands to indicate support

In 5 ways to support a loved one who is dying, I offer you ways to honor their passage of time so that you’re left with no regrets. I’m often asked the question: “How do I prepare for the death of someone I love?” This is such a great question because we all find ourselves…

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3 Lessons the Dying Taught Me

3 lessons the dying taught me have stayed with me all my life. Serving as a hospice volunteer for five years has been one of my most fulfilling life assignments. During this time, I sat by the bedsides of the dying. As I comforted, consoled, and cared for them, I learned. The dying are literally…

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What You Need to Know About End-of-Life Planning

end of life

What you need to know about end-of-life planning must become a conversation before it’s too late. Barbara Brotman is a Chicago Tribune reporter, wife and mom. But she’s a mom who was gutsy enough to use a family holiday dinner to have a crucial conversation most of us would run miles from: the end-of-life conversation. Calling it…

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